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Bitcoin Cash Enjoys Successful Upgrade

On Saturday, BCH succeeded in updating its network with vital changes to improve your crypto interaction. The specific upgrade ensures that you never worry about user experience problems. Another thing is that Bitcoin Cash customers will be secure against double-spending. The developers applied the latest features on the chain without challenges. While publishing this content, Coin Dance reported that BCH users had mined 82 blocks using the new applied rules.

The update shows a new way of how crypto developers manage procedure upgrades. The successful approach brings new proposals seeking to improve and standardize protocol updates. The first proposal is of an annual upgrade schedule that will improve how developers develop and test the updated features thoroughly. The second one is the Cash Improvements Proposals, which present the features to miners and users before the application.

No Disappointment This Time

BCH has had challenges when introducing new updates. In 2020, the asset faced nightmares when Bitcoin ABC, the leading node’s developers, proposed new rules. The new ruleset changed mining rewards distribution, allowing Bitcoin ABC to have a given percentage of the rewards. The crypto community decided to separate from the ABC developers. Later on, Bitcoin ABC developers separated themselves, creating their chain.

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It is undeniable that Bitcoin Cash developers have learned from their past mistakes, acknowledging their weaknesses betting for an effective way to handle the service upgrade.

Is BCH Worth Your Investment?

Indeed, you can invest with Bitcoin Cash to earn substantial returns. If you are looking for a digital coin that you can rely on to diversify your trading portfolio, BCH has you sorted. When writing this, BCH has a daily $1,666,584,587 trading volume, and a market capitalization of over $4 billion. With that, Bitcoin Cash is among the top cryptocurrencies you can find in the market.

A higher trading volume indicates high liquidity, or the ease with which you can buy and sell a crypto asset, while market capitalization refers to the value of a given object in the crypto market. 

As much as many factors, including market sentiment, supply and demand, tech innovations, and demand and supply, might affect your success when trading, industry experts trust Bitcoin Cash to be a worthwhile investment.

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Eino Kinnunen (Finland)

Eino is a new writer for Tokenhell, he resides in Espoo, Finland and he has been a crypto journalist for over 3 years for various cryptocurrency news agencies.

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