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These Lucrative Stocks Will Make You Forget Dogecoin

Over the years, you will have to accept that the stock market is the best wealth generator. Although it might take time, the stock market has delivered the highest average returns per year for decades.

However, the introduction of cryptocurrency changed almost everything in the market. Ethereum and Bitcoin are among the cryptocurrencies you will meet in the market. Other smaller but well-performing virtual assets include Dogecoin.

Dogecoin has been trending in various crypto forums and social media sites. Many investors enjoy that DOGE, similar to ETH and BTC, has lower transaction costs. However, keep in mind that investing in Dogecoin assets is not without challenges.

Indeed you cannot defeat history. You probably know how parabolic moves in the crypto market meet downward sprees. Although no one knows when DOGE will burst, history indicates that time will come.

Superior Stocks That Will Make You Ditch Dogecoin

Rather than risking your entire investments in a trending asset like Dogecoin, you may opt to cooperate with given companies that will assure you financial freedom. However, you may have to be vigilant to reap returns in the stock market. Here are some of the stocks with all the features and tools to make you wealthy.

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Intuitive Surgical

The best way to invest your hard-earned money is by buying Intuitive Surgical shares from the robotic surgical systems. Although you may have to pay over $800 to get the company shares, you will enjoy the returns in the long run. Keep in mind that Intuitive surgical has been selling its da Vinci systems to surgical centers and hospital in the United States and internationally.

The high da Vinci price ranging between $0.5 million and $2.5 million and innovated systems indicates that its over 6,100 customers will be loyal for longer.

Jushi Holdings

Marijuana stocks can be another lucrative stock investment opportunity for investors. Keep in mind that the US marijuana industry aims to generate around $41 billion in cannabis sales by 2025. That is according to New Frontier Data estimates. That opens the door for Jushi Holdings to flourish.

You can invest in the above stocks to alleviate the risks associated with the internet darling, Dogecoin.

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