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Bitcoin Does Not Have Value – Peter Schiff

In a recent interview, Peter Schiff, a Bitcoin critic, spoke with Anthony Pompliano and reasserted his belief that Bitcoin lacks any intrinsic value. Schiff cited the absence of physical existence as the basis for his argument.

He stated that there is no distinction in utility between a solitary Bitcoin and multiple Bitcoins.

Schiff Argues That BTC Has No Genuine Value

According to Schiff, the incapability of BTC, regardless of the amount to be deployed for tangible purposes, means it does not have value. In the contemporary era, money exists primarily in digital form.


The fundamental contrast between Bitcoin and the conventional digital financial system lies in their respective levels of centralization. Bitcoin operates on a decentralized digital platform.

According to Schiff, terrible economic circumstances are looming, and many Bitcoin investors will have to liquidate their holdings to secure necessities such as food. The investment expert foresees widespread unemployment and anticipates inflationary issues, particularly concerning essential goods such as food.

Schiff believes Gold presents a viable substitute for traditional fiat currency and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Furthermore, Schiff theorizes that Gold will become an appealing option during the impending economic recession.

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This is due to its historical usage as a medium of exchange and its physical value. Moreover, Gold has various applications in electronics, such as being utilized as a form of currency and for jewelry creation.

Competition For Bitcoin 

Meanwhile, the value of Gold has been increasing since 2000 when the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, sold a significant amount of Gold from the UK’s national reserves. This period represented the lowest bear market that commenced in 1980, followed by the peak of the gold craze in 1971.

On the other hand, fiat currency has experienced a significant decline in its purchasing power over the past ten years. The situation worsened when the government introduced stimulus initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, Schiff contends that the developments that emerged in 2020 have yet to reach their culmination and that more inflation and economic frailty lie ahead. Also, the crypto critic identified the presence of numerous decentralized tokens as an additional hurdle for Bitcoin.

In contrast to Bitcoin’s early years, modern blockchains such as Ethereum offer a plethora of functionalities unavailable to Bitcoin. Schiff posits that the vast quantity of tokens, coupled with their perceived lack of intrinsic value, will pose a significant challenge for Bitcoin.

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Also, it would affect the broader cryptocurrency industry during times of severe economic downturn.

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