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Bitcoin Showing Positive Price Trends and Aiming for an All-Time High Once Again

The pace that Bitcoin has set in terms of increased pricing and such is not perfect, but yet it managed to have an all-time high in terms of price by settling at $61.8k. We are talking about the crypto market and one of its most volatile assets that are Bitcoin so a little tumbling of the value goes without saying. After scoring an all-time high there have been tensions among the rise and fall of the Bitcoin price, it couldn’t go any further than the $61.8k and then started to decline consistently by dropping all the way to the $58k, but this was not the end of its decline. 

After that the cryptocurrency did see a few more such incidents where its price started to drop vividly reaching $56k and then ultimately settling for the $55k, but then after that it kind of stopped, it didn’t rise and it also didn’t start to decline any further. 

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How the Current Market Trends and Numbers are Supporting another Bitcoin sprint?

Now when Bitcoin is around somewhere in the lower $55k to higher $54k the candlestick that is developing for it within the crypto market is the depiction of a consistent trading pattern of Bitcoin. It did manage to have another bullish run when consolidating itself to the $54k range, but according to the experts, the upward price move is not going to be an easy one. 

According to the candlestick data which the experts have in their hands, and the current sprint of Bitcoin within the crypto market all suggest that it might drop all the way down to $53.5k or even a lower $52k before it could start a forwards march towards breaking another all-time high price point in the future. All of this is talk and nothing more than that, but the hopes for Bitcoin to once again shatter the colossal of value within the crypto market are getting stronger every passing day. Since March 25 the Bitcoin has not only become stable but also is making its way towards the peak or registering for another all-time high price point in the future. All the current numbers are in the favor of this eventuality panning out for Bitcoin still there is a long way to go.   

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