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Bitvast Review – Is Bitvast Scam or Legit?

Bitvast Exchange Rating
Read our Bitvast review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Bitvast review before you sign up with the exchange.
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Bitvast Review

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Bitvast is set to become the world’s premier bitcoin exchange. The platform offers global, liquid crypto exchange services that give users the opportunity to invest across a wide range of cryptocurrencies effortlessly. Bitcoin and other leading crypto assets have soared high over the past couple of weeks and months. The statistics speak for itself, and, notably also, there’s been an influx of bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders and investors recently.

Many investors and traders are taking advantage of the vast opportunity presented by bitcoin and other crypto assets. The market has been mostly favorable and looks to be maintaining its upsurge long-term. Apart from that, crypto and bitcoin’s presence is very evident across virtually all spheres, especially in the world of business. Advancement in technology has allowed for seamless and effortless use of the asset-class for a wide range of business transactions, bill payments, e-commerce, and more.

As such, proactive investors and traders can take advantage of the various crypto-powered activities happening around the world daily by utilizing versatile exchange platforms and making substantial profits on their investments. This is the aera we will be putting our focus on today.

As an aspiring bitcoin/crypto investor or trader, it is critical to find a solid, efficient, and reliable exchange platform to help you monitor and manage your financial activity proficiently. With the backing of a secure and versatile exchange service, you can trade and invest securely while making profits and growing in a protected space.


The crypto community is filled with several fraudulent exchange service providers looking to rip-off unsuspecting investors of their hard-earned investments. Without thorough research and guidance, one can easily fall victim of their schemes or even lose their entire investments.

Thankfully, there are also several reliable and trustworthy exchange service providers that offer safe, secure, and efficient exchange services to traders and investors. Not only that, such platforms provide investors with the opportunity and the resources they need to make maximum returns on their investments. To this end, they provide investors with the tools and information they need to thrive in the crypto market, as well as high-level security to ensure that user assets are safe at all times.

A dependable exchange platform is the first step to achieving success in the crypto world. Your exchange service provider is your closest backup in the event of any uncertainty or if you need guidance. They can provide you with the necessary information, resources, and security you need at any time. This way, you can easily navigate the market’s volatility.

Timely and quality information is invaluable in the world of crypto. The quality of information you can access determines your investment and trading decisions. It gives you insight on what risks to take, how much to invest, how long you should invest, and so on. Its importance cannot be over stressed.

Because your exchange provider is your primary support system, you must ensure to make the right decision when choosing one. This way, you can make better investment and trading decisions effortlessly. Your exchange provider will also equip you with more profound insight on the market’s happenings and ways around. Because of this, you will make more informed choices with every investment or trade, allowing you to risk less while making more profit.

Choosing a less capable exchange service provider can be detrimental to your investment/trading aspirations. Several things could go wrong. Their security may be poor and you may lose all your investment at once. Also, you may be provided with information that is not accurate, or the right information delivered too late. If this happens, it will affect your trades/investment—you may take the right action, but a little too late. The key to finding the right exchange provider to partner with is to carry out in-depth research.

Honestly, carrying out an in-depth and productive research can be a daunting task. It will require a lot of time and effort. You may need from several weeks to a couple of months of carefully reviewing your options. You may need to take some professional advice, join forums, seek counsel, and so on. However, on through this post, we intend to cut all of that burden in half. Our expert team is constantly surveying the market and looking out for top-quality, reliable exchange platforms to recommend. In today’s post, we will be introducing Bitvast Crypto Exchange, a solid and dependable exchange platform that offers hi-tech security, timely information, and all the resources you’ll need to make profitable trades/investments in the crypto market space.

Bitvast website

Our Bitvast review will be comprehensive and straight to the point—only the facts. Our aim is to provide you with all the awareness you need to make an excellent and informed decision.

Exchange PlatformBitvast
Trading AssetsBTC, ETH, USDT
LocationSouth Africa, New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe
`Trading PlatformWeb
Payment MethodBancontact, EPS, Giropay, MyBank, iDEAL, SEPA transfer, and Credit Card
Customer SupportLive Chat, Telephone, Email

Bitvast is a South African owned world premier bitcoin exchange, launched in 2018. Besides bitcoin, Bitvast also offers trading for most of the other leading cryptocurrencies in the market. The company is working to integrate more altcoins. However, you will find most of the big names and some more.

Trading Volume

It’s important to check out the trading volume of the exchange platform you want to incorporate for your trading or investments. Platforms with deeper liquidity rates often find it less difficult to match users with buyers or sellers to complete purchase orders.

Coinmarketcap has ranked Bitvast as a fairly decent exchange platform, in terms of their trading volume. Bitvast has a 24hour average trading volume of USD 39.6 million, giving it the 92nd position on Coinmarketcap’s list.

Trading View

Bitvast provides a decent and comprehensive trading view. The design ranges from minimalist to a more compact, professional setting, depending on your preference. However, each view offers an overview that shows the order book (or at least part of it, depending on your preferred setting), the price chart, and order history, and a Buy and Sell tab. You can customize your Trading view to whatever suits you.

Trading Fees

Bitvast offers a flat fee of 0.15% for both Takers (traders that take orders off the order book), and Makers (traders that take the orders of the first group).

The fee is an acceptable amount as the global rate is around 0.25%. As such, Bitvast fees is reasonably lower than the industry average. However, nowadays, there are a handful of exchange service providers that offer even lower rates, as low as 0.10%, and so on. So, in comparison to these new-age providers, you can say that Bitvast is reasonably high. But, when you consider the other offerings that Bitvast provides, you can overlook the fees.

Withdrawal Fees

Bitvast withdrawal fees is fairly low. They charge 0.0006 BTC when you withdraw bitcoin. This is around 25% lower than the global industry average which currently stands at 0.0008 BTC per bitcoin withdrawal.

In essence, Bitvast fees are in line with global industry averages.

Deposit Methods

Bitvast only accepts crypto deposits. So, if you’re a new investor, it will do you good to secure some crypto wallets before joining Bitvast. One way to do that is by purchasing from another exchange, and then making a deposit in Bitvast.

US Investors

Many exchange providers restrict US investors because of legislature. Some exchanges only allow US investors from selected states while others are restricted, and so on. However, there are no laid down restrictions that prohibit US investors on Bitvast.


There are several aspects to consider before determining the level of security provided by an exchange service provider. For instance, what is the proportion of their user assets that are stored in cold storages? What security technologies do they incorporate? and so on.

Bitvast stores 100% of its user assets in offline, cold storages, safely away from hackers and cybercriminals. As such, before a withdrawal is completed, users would have to go through a series of manual processes and satisfy all security demands. This makes Bitvast a top-ranking exchange provider in terms of security.

Customer Support

Bitvast provides customers with high-level 24hours customer assistance, 7 days a week. Every customer, regardless of time or location has access to this service. Users can send their complaints, requests, or enquiries via email and they will be attended to within a short period.

Why Choose Bitvast?

Bitvast puts you in control of your crypto assets, without the disturbance of middlemen and government regulations. This gives you unprecedented freedom to control your investments as you please while making profits effortlessly.

Added to that, you have the power to trade or invest across a broad range of crypto assets on a global, liquid platform.

  • Ease of Use

Bitvast provides users with an easy-to-use exchange service where they can trade and make investments quickly and effortlessly and also carry out other operations with a single click. The platform is very easy to work-around, even for new investors, and provides a wonderful experience.

  • Minimalist Buy/Sell Interface

Bitvast offers a range of Buy/Sell interface options, depending on your preference. There is the quick Buy/Sell interface for users who simply want to focus on their trades without the interruptions of other features and so on. There’s also the more compact design for pros. It features a wide range of options with which users can carry out other advanced operations besides the basics. However, each design is completely minimalist and efficient. Users can easily sell or purchase crypto assets with only a few easy clicks. Also, no additional fees are charged!

  • Easily Manage your Wallets

There’s nothing more useful as a simple and efficient wallet. Bitvast provides this with their minimalist designed wallet that allows users to perform transactions instantly. Even though user funds are securely stored across offline wallets, the platforms minimalist wallet design makes for easy and effortless transactions with only a few simple clicks.

  • Access to Timely and Accurate Information

As a new investor, it won’t be long before you understand how invaluable timely and accurate information is for the success of your trading activities in the crypto space. The right information delivered on time will guide your investment and trading decisions and help you make more profit with little risk.

Bitvast delivers quality and timely information to all its users at no extra charge. The aim is to groom a community of leaders in the crypto trading/investment space, and further solidify their stand as the leading exchange platform in the industry.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

After information, support is the next crucial assistance you need as an investor or trader. To this end, Bitvast provides users with access to an experienced and dedicated support team that is available 24/7 around-the-clock. Users can also submit their request, enquires, or complaints via email and they will be attended to quickly.

  • Multi-layered Security

Bitvast provides users 100% security on all user data, information, and assets. All user assets are securely stored across protected cold storage locations offline. This way, they are safe from cybercriminals, hackers, and other forms of cyberattacks. In order to withdraw, users will have to fulfil a series of manual processes before making any withdrawals.

  • KYC-Free Crypto Trading

The platform offers users the opportunity to participate in crypto-to-crypto trading across various crypto markets. With Bitvast, users do not have to undergo rigorous extensive identification processes. To participate, all you need to do is create an account and that’s it! Afterwards, you can start to trade whatever crypto assets you want instantly.

Bitvast’s goal is to ensure that every trader/investor has access to quality and affordable exchange services, without having to break the bank. To this end, the company offers affordable exchange fees to every user. By choosing the platform, you save up to 70% every time you make a transaction. Bitvast’s trading fees are 70% more affordable compared to global industry averages. There are no hidden charges, only transparent and affordable service.

You can learn more about Bitvast fee structure on the Fees and Limits page.

  • Advanced API

Besides the default features provided by Bitvast, the platform also offers a fully customizable API for users who want to further integrate more features to their preference and convenience. You can securely develop programmable web applications or trading bots and integrate them using Bitvast’s extensive API.

  • Rapid and Robust Trading Engine

Bitvast’s intelligently designed trading engine allows users to make quick order executions with only a few simple taps. Order executions are carried out across high-performance trading engines, quickly and effortlessly.

  • Support for Multiple Crypto Assets

Bitvast supports trading and investing of a broad variety of crypto assets including top assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more, at no additional fees. to get started, all you need to do is open an account with Bitvast.

The only drawback is the fact that the platform does not accept fiat deposits. Only crypto deposits are allowed on the platform. New users will have to convert their local currencies to bitcoin before making any deposits or transactions on Bitvast.

  • Flexible Payment Options

Bitvast supports a broad range of payment options. Users can choose between digital payment or wire transfer, locally or internationally. This way, you can receive your payments effortlessly and at your convenience. No additional fees are charged on withdrawals.

  • Liquidity

Bitvast has been able to build trust in business and has carved meaningful business relationships with numerous global partners, including Cumberland and OSL. This way, the company can offer more reliable services to their numerous users and customers.

The exchange platform also offers high liquidity and attractive rates. Bitvast settles a transaction average of up to 60M Hong Kong Dollars daily. Its client base consists of individuals, global investment firms, and institutions, locally and internationally. With this, Bitvast can help you secure your target exchange rate quickly and effortlessly.

  • Reliability

Bitvast is poised to deliver quality and reliable service to all its users, regardless of location, time, or any other hinderances. The exchange service is built on solid hi-tech technologies that ensure the safety of user assets and data. Added to that, the platform provides timely and quality information to all its esteemed customers, and an easy-to-use minimalist interface that allows for easy operation.

As partial fulfilment to regulatory requirements and global standards, and to increase customer confidence, Bitvast also has its unique institutional-grade compliance, AML, KYC, and risks controls. These are innovative measures put in place to improve customer experience and security.

Opening an Account on Bitvast

Bitvast is a global crypto exchange and digital asset services provider. Opening an account on Bitvast is simple and straightforward. With only a few simple clicks, you are set and ready to start trading and investing.

To get started, here’s a quick and easy set-up process:

  1. Ensure you’re visiting the correct Bitvast website
  2. Read and Agree to the Privacy Policy
  3. Complete a few simple identification processes
  4. Complete account setup
  5. Start investing, Start trading!

Bitvast Exchange Rating
Read our Bitvast review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Bitvast review before you sign up with the exchange.
Account Types
Trading Speed
Customer Service

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