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Bitcoin to Reach $28,000 as $20k is not a Resistance, says Max Keiser

According to Max Keiser, Bitcoin soon goes above $28,000 as an all-time high $20,000 is not resistance at all. After claiming this level, the final goal of the leading asset is to reach $100,000.

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Keiser Report host is bullish over Bitcoin and expects the price to surpass $28,000 and then to six-figures. The all-time high value will not act as a resistance level:

“The $20,000 level for #Bitcoin won’t pose any resistance. We won’t see any resistance till $28,000. A brief pullback then the assault on $100,000 begins with renewed vigor.”

In the last two weeks, the top digital asset surged significantly from $9,200 to $12,000. Institutional as well as retail investors push price value to the highest position since the start of 2020.

Keiser Prediction of $100,000

Keiser has always remained optimistic about Bitcoin. When price rallied last month, Keiser claimed that value would surpass $28,000 easily. He again believes that Bitcoin would go above $28k after surpassing an all-time high $20,000.

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Keiser predicted in late July that $100,000 is going to claim by the leading asset after a pullback: “$28,000 is in play before we see a pullback – and then we’re heading to 6-figures.”

Bitcoin became the victim of the flash crash from $12,000 to $10,500 in less than an hour and it was a major pullback.  A crypto trader Scott Melker said:

“A $1700 BTC hourly candle (mostly in a few minutes) on extremely high volume, including a similar sell-off on ETH in the middle of the night? Cool. There were bear divs everywhere, as I mentioned.”

Some analysts are claiming that Bitcoin will show a low volatility for short-term trend. And there is a possibility that it will trade sideways.

Another trader Michael van de Poppe said that altcoins would benefit from BTC sideways trading:

“The most likely case is that we’ll have volatility on $BTC & $ETH as they determine their range. But over time (one week-two weeks) this will start to drop. What do you have to do? Yes, buy dips on altcoins. While everyone is focused on $BTC, your focus should be on alts.”

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