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Bitcoin will Attain Market Cap of 1$ Trillion: Prediction by Willy Woo

Willy Woo: A prominent Analyst:

Willy Woo is famous and prominent analyst of cryptocurrency. He is also famous for posting regular publication on his blog Woobull.

His prediction about Bitcoin in 2013:

In 2013, Willy Woo predicted about the market cap of bitcoin that Bitcoin’s market cap will hit one trillion dollars in 2025.This prediction causes disturbance in circle of cryptocurrencies analysts.

After this prediction, the price value of Bitcoin went to its lowest position. After this great lowest position, it surged to $20,000.

Standing on his Prophecy:

Although the price value of Bitcoin decreased to its lowest position but he remained determined about his prediction on market cap of Bitcoin.

Recently, market cap of Bitcoin reached $195 million and the dominance of Bitcoin reached 61.1% of total crypto-market. He remarked:

I think this cycle will get us past the trillion dollar cycle, and then the next cycle will be the one that takes us to breaking gold market cap

Willy’s hope of Beating Gold by Bitcoin:

Willy determined about on its statement that after reaching the market cap of $1 Trillion, Bitcoin will beat Gold in future. But this statement bore criticism for beating such a precious metal.

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Peter Schiff said that Bitcoin will dump in the future because governments are making strict policy against bitcoin.

According to Woo, there is one opposing feature between gold and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is a first digital currency of Internet.

He said:

Bankers say it’s a bubble, technologists call it a disruption; students of history would call it the dawn of the digital age,”

Woo’s Contradiction from Other Analysts:

Other analysts are predicting that Bitcoin will reach to $1 million in 2023.But Willy is standing on his statement which makes some kind of curiosity in investors and traders of cryptocurrency. Mayer Multiple forecasts that next coming months are not good for Bitcoin. Some analysts stated that price value of Bitcoin could reach to $21,000.

What is your point of view about the Price and market cap of Bitcoin in 2025?

Please let us know by commenting in given comment box.

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