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BitGo Acquires Crypto Custodian Licenses For New York

BitGo recently acquired the license as a crypto custodian in New York Experts are looking at the opportunity as a good means for institutional investors to get digital asset exposure. People believe that Bitcoin would soon be institutionalized due to many institutional firms and companies interested in the investment.

Although volatile, the king coin has stood the test of time even with controversies surrounding the risks. The digital asset attained an ATH of $58,000 recently and has continued to pool in more investors. The broker, who has over $30 billion cryptos under management, has finally acquired a license to operate in New York. This would allow residents to explore crypto investments.

BitGo becomes a New York crypto custodian

The broker recently announced the great news, exciting institutional buyers ready to take investment risks into different asset classes. The New York State Department Of Financial Services issued the license, known as one of the region’s strictest regulators.

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The license paves the way for wealthy individuals and investment bankers to hold and trade cryptocurrencies through the broker. People old to business know BitGo as one of the industry’s oldest custodians because it started operations in 2012. Things have changed since then, and BitGo has accumulated more assets under management, making it a highly reputable store.

BitGo had managed to acquire a license for some part of America but only recently copped the New York custodian permit. This might allow more wall street guys to get exposure to cryptocurrencies, thereby promoting and expanding adoption.

For many years, people believed that Bitcoin was in a bubble. But now, people are willing to invest and hold the asset even with the high risks involved. Wall Street investors are known to take high risks, which could help Bitcoin attain an even higher peak with their investment.

Firm’s CCO speaks on BitGo’s position

The firm’s Chief Compliance Officer, Jeff Horowitz, had spoken on the license. The executive said that the gate to the world’s financial capital, New York, would open. He also said that the license would allow the company to get new institutional customers, especially those interested in Bitcoin.

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Institutional investors are often very rational about investments due to the asset’s bulk, and not many were interested in Bitcoin when it first came to be. The coin assures advancement in financial technology, such as fast cross-border payment, decentralized nature, and transparency.

The officer revealed that many customers had reached to the firm regarding the license and that many had been waiting for the broker to get the permit. Although he was unwilling to name customers waiting on the license acquisition, he said that they were wealthy.

Interestingly, BitGo is just an option amongst other seven trust charter approved by the New York state authorities. Many other companies have trust charters, including Gemini, Paxos, and others. The CCO also said that institutional investors were still trying to understand the asset during the early days of cryptos, not to talk about the asset’s decentralized features.

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