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BTC Updates – $100K VS. $20K. Should You Go or Stay?

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The current crypto volatility makes it challenging for experts to predict BTC prices throughout the year.
Market players have varying views on the probability of the leading coin soaring all the way to trade at $100,000 or decline drastically to $20,000.
Government regulations and rising altcoins can impact BTC prices in any direction.

BTC, the leading digital coin both by market share and popularity, left investors contemplating its future prices. Keep in mind that the virtual asset has witnessed wild fluctuations since its launch.

Bullish crypto investors see Bitcoin prices hitting a record high of $100k by the end of 2021. Previously, BTC surged to $64,829 with a more than $1 billion market cap. That drove the total crypto market cap to more than $2.5 trillion. These records have bullish investors banking on BTC.

BTC At $100k in 2021, Is It Possible?

Everyone crypto enthusiast has his views on the future of BTC prices. Analysts are pushing their evaluation to rule the market. Mike McGlone, a strategist at Bloomberg, said that BTC would witness an uptrend regardless of the poor performance in May.

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McGlone advises traders to keep holding the leading crypto. According to the strategist, BTC’s bullish market is stable and cannot drop to $20K but can fly to $100,000.

June Bloomberg’s edition support McGlone’s thoughts, referring to the leading asset as “stronger and greener” than at the start of the year.

Additionally, he stated that last year the 260-d volatility declined lower compared to other assets like the S&P 500.

Accounting for Ethereum futures, 2020’s supply cut, ETFs launch in Europe and Canada, and increased institutional investors, Mike McGlone sees Bitcoin heading to $100K than dipping to $20k.

Is $20K a Possibility? Should You Go?

Peter Brandt, a pro-BTC trader, posted on Twitter that BTC could experience the worst correction, driving the coin down to $20k. Alternative coins like Dogecoin emerging in the crypto space attract crypto fans looking to benefit from altcoin volatility.

Where do you Bitcoin by the end of this year? A massive surge to $100k or drastic plummets to $20K? Comment below.

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