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An Honest Bubblext Review to Help Traders Make up Their Minds

Bubblext Review

If you are looking for a career opportunity as a trader, you have picked the right time to do so. The online trading industry is at its best right now, offering you all the perks, features, tools, and help you need to make a successful career in trading. However, good things come with a challenge. So, while you can enjoy these amazing benefits of online trading from the comfort of your bedroom, you also have to make some tough decisions. For example, you will have to dive into the sea of online brokers and find one that you think will be best for you to start your trading career with.

Bubblext Review

One of the potential online brokers that you should consider is Bubblext. This broker is currently quite famous among new and experienced traders for its amazing features that suit traders of the current decade. With this broker, you can come out of traditional trading and enjoy it completely differently when you are on the trading platform from this broker. It opens doors of new opportunities on you when it provides you with all the help and support you need as a new trader. At the same time, it has designed specific features in its trading accounts that give experienced traders a way to make their lives and portfolios even better than they already are.

What is this broker doing so well? What can make up your mind to sign up with Bubblext? Let’s find out in this honest Bubblext review.

Honestly Reviewing Everything about Bubblext

·         The Main Idea of the Brokerage

Before you sign up with an online broker, you have to know what their mission, vision, and motives are. Why are they in the business and what particular area are they working on to make online trading great overall? When you look at these particular elements, you will know about the standing of the broker. As a trader, you must also have some special concerns with trading. You have certain dreams associated with trading and you want to achieve them with a broker that understands your very needs. Can you do that? Well, in the case of Bubblext, this broker is all about helping traders with everything so they can have great trading careers.

If you look at the website of the broker, you will realize that the broker is all about traders. It wants to keep them on top of everything so they can trade well and make money that can change their lives. Of course, while signing up with a broker, you have to keep in mind that you have to do all that you can to make successful trades. No amount of help from the broker can guarantee any amount of money. At the end, you get the reward for your skill and efforts that you put into trading. Moreover, you have to find out what type of trading you will be doing with the broker. Are you going to be trading options? Will you trade ETFs?

In the case of Bubblext, you will be trading CFDs. This is another form of trading, which is currently the most popular right now. The idea of CFD trading is that it allows the trader to trade just about any asset he/she wants to trade. However, where it makes things better is when you, as a trader, don’t have to own the asset that you pick. You are only trading the contract, which is pretty straightforward. It is just like trading an asset, just that you don’t own the asset. You get leverage and many other types perks when you decide to trade CFDs. With Bubblext, you will be trading in this format and enjoying the many perks of doing so.

·         New Trader Friendly Features

If you are a new trader, you have to find out if the broker you are about to sign up with provides you with features that are friendly for new traders. You will be surprised to know the difference between features that are designed for new traders and those designed for experienced traders. For example, when it comes to signing up with the broker, you will always have to deposit an amount in your account to activate it. Only after depositing this amount of money can you trade on the platform from the broker. Now, this amount can be hugely different for different types of traders.

When you are a new trader, you want an easy entry point into the trading world. The first barrier that you have to break is the initial deposit. Is the broker making it easy for you to sign up on its trading platform? With Bubblext, you will notice that you are being provided with access to the financial markets with a small deposit of just $500. This small amount will help you sign up with the basic account with the broker. This basic account has been named as the green account. However, if you have some savings that you want to use for trading, you can go with the silver account as well.

With a small deposit of just $5000, you will be able to start this account with the broker and enjoy many perks that are not available in the basic account. You have a platform instruction ebook included in the package, regardless of the type of account you want to sign up with. With many online brokers, you don’t get any help with the trading platform. You do get a lot of training material that teaches you how to trade, but when it comes to the trading platform, you usually get nothing. However, since Bubblext is a new trader friendly broker, it provides you with access to this amazing resource as well.

In addition to that, you can also take advantage of the presence of a junior account manager when you sign up with this broker. It is amazing how the broker is providing you with an account manager even if you sign up with the most basic account. That’s something you are going to love about this broker. You never get access to such amazing features when you sign up with other brokers. In other words, you can say that this broker is very friendly to new traders.

·         Experienced Trader Friendly Features

Just because a broker provides some great features to new traders does not mean it does not have to have anything special for experienced traders. In fact, you are going to love the fact that this broker provides you with a platform that is equally good for both types of traders. So, if you are an experienced trader who has been doing it successfully for many years, you are going to be happy that you signed up with this broker in the first place. There are many features that you are going to get with this broker that you usually only crave with other online brokers.

First of all, you can say that there are truly three accounts that suit professional traders. These accounts have been named as platinum, black, and VIP. The features that you enjoy with these accounts are unprecedented. So, if you look at the platinum account from the broker, you will notice that you are getting 10 trading signals every week. Trading signals are there to help you find out which position you should be taking when you are trading a particular asset. These signals are generated after proper analytical evaluation of the asset through many analytical techniques used by experienced traders. You can rely on them and combine your personal analysis to make the best investments.

In addition to that, you will have a senior account manager with you to help you with all your account-related concerns. You will never feel that you have been left alone when you need some help with your account. The broker will also give you access to Pro Trader where you can make even more productive trades and make your trading portfolio even more impressive. The most important thing about this particular account is that you will be participating in one-on-one education sessions from the broker. You have access to unlimited sessions like these so you have no confusions while trading about any trading techniques, market conditions, and other factors that affect trading.

·         Available Assets and Instruments

There are certain things you don’t enjoy with many online brokers. For example, if you are looking to trade online from the comfort of your home, you will find many online brokers that give you access to only a particular financial market. However, it does not make sense to limit yourself to only one financial market when you can access them all at the same price. Some brokers are there to give you access to forex trading while others are giving you way into the stock exchange. Some brokers are specifically providing cryptocurrency trading services to traders from around the world.

However, things will be quite different when you sign up with Bubblext. This broker will give you access to all the amazing financial markets and instruments that will make your trading career impressive. If you are interested in trading stocks of the biggest companies of the world, you will have to use the same trading platform for that. If you want to trade these stocks in the form of buckets, you can go with indices, and to trade indices, you will not have to sign up with any other broker. You can even trade many different commodities with this broker. You can trade produce, fuels, precious metals, and many other types of commodities.

Did you know that you could also trade different types of instruments when you sign up with this broker? That’s something you don’t get to enjoy with most online brokers. In many cases, even if a broker is providing you with a trading platform that gives you access to many financial markets, you are still able to trade only one particular instrument. Sometimes, you can trade options and at other times, you can trade CFDs. However, this broker has gone the extra mile to provide you with multiple instruments to trade assets in your favorite financial market. You can trade futures with this broker.

·         Algo Trading for the Experimenters

This particular feature is becoming more and more common on online trading platforms. However, you still have more brokers that do not provide you with this amazing feature. So, the world is advancing technologically and you have the option of trading with the help of bots. Yes, you can use bots to trade on your behalf so you don’t have to trade manually all the time. This means a bot will be trading and looking at the market conditions at all times. You will not have to do it manually and miss the opportunities that could make you a lot of money.

With algo trading, you can define the different filters and commands to set up your bot for trading. In other words, you can tell the bot when it should trade and when it should not trade. After that, the bot will be following your commands and trading only when the market meets all the conditions that you have defined. This particular feature will make trading easier than ever for you. You will be making money even when you are sleeping if you use this particular feature right. Just make sure that you set up the bot perfectly with all the correct filters and criteria for trading.

Now, you don’t have to fear that the bot will end up with losses. Perhaps, you are scared that the bot might have lost all the money by the time you wake up in the morning and check your trading account.  However, that’s virtually not possible because you will set up the bot in such a way that this possibility will be out of the way. How? So, you will define the losses and exit points to your bot. Even if the bot makes a losing trade, it will exit the trade at a point that you have defined. In this way, there is no possibility of you losing all the money you have in your trading account with the broker.

·         Trading Platform with Potential

Whether you are an experienced trader or someone who has just started today, you are going to love the offerings from the broker in terms of the trading platforms. If you sign up with online brokers, you will notice that they usually provide you with access to a particular trading platform. That’s the trading platform you have to stick to for as long as you keep signed up with that broker. If you don’t like the trading platform or it starts acting up in the middle of your trades, there is no way for you to fix it. Since the broker does not have any other trading platform, it will keep trying to assist you with a problem that it cannot solve.

At the same time, if the trading platform from your broker is not on the device that you use the most, you will be stuck with something that does not fit into your life style. For example, if the trading platform from your broker is meant only for desktop computer, you will not be able to trade on your tablet or smartphone. That will be huge waste of your money because not being able to trade on the go is a bummer in these days. You should have access to a trading platform that fits into your lifestyle perfectly and has the features that are suitable for a trader of the modern times.

So, when you sign up with Bubblext, you will be surprised to know that the trading platform from this broker is there for you wherever you want. The broker has made sure that it touches upon all the options to make the lives of the traders easier. If you are looking to trade on the best trading platform for the world, you will love the fact that Bubblext has given you access to MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which is undoubtedly the best trading platform in the world for many years. However, that’s not it from this broker. This broker always goes the extra mile to give something special to its traders.

Now, if you are considering trading on your smartphone because you like the idea of trading on the go, you will be able to do so with ease because of the mobile application of the trading platform. This mobile application is available for you to download on your iPhone and Android phones so you can trade with ease. Since there is a separate application for both operating systems, the performance of your trading platform should be top notch at all times.

Last but not least, the broker has given you the option of a web trader as well. A web trader runs like a website and you can access it from your browser just like you access any other websites. The best thing about this trading platform is that you don’t have to worry about the operating system you have on your device or even the device you are using for trading. It will run smoothly on your laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and all other similar devices. You can access the web trader from anywhere in the world without ever worrying about it going down. Also, you don’t have to download this software, so you will not have to worry about upgrading and updating it any time.

·         Anti-Money Laundering and KYC Policy

Do you know the broker also has the AML and KYC policies in place? You can see these policies right on the website of the broker. What do these policies really mean? Well, these policies are there to make trading safer and more reliable for you. When you sign up with an online broker, you will have to provide a lot of personal information. The broker has to ask for this information to identify you as a unique individual. You can say that this particular requirement falls under the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy.

At the same time, the broker has a lot of restrictions in place when it comes to withdrawing money from your account. You have to provide the information about your credit card or bank account in the form of pictures. In addition to that, you will only be able to use the method you use for depositing money for withdrawing money as well. Again, this policy is there to ensure that only you are the person who is using your account information for signing up on the trading platform. It is also there to ensure that no money launderers are able to use the platform for laundering money, using the name and card details of someone else.  

In addition to that, you should also find peace of mind in the fact that this broker has provided you with proper encryption on the website. From the above passage, you must not have a clear idea of the sensitivity of the information that you will be providing on the website of the broker. You will provide your personal information in addition to your banking information. You don’t want anyone to steal that information because then they can harm you in many ways. For protection from such incidents, the broker has installed proper SSL certificates on the website. This means your information is properly protected and safe with the broker.

Final Thoughts

Bubblext is a complete broker when you look at the features it has introduced on its trading platform for its traders. You can expect some great results from trading when you sign up with a broker who is supportive of your efforts. You have access to some great trading platforms, you can trade many different types of assets, and you will also be provided with support in the form of training sessions, trading signals, etc. In a nutshell, the broker is willing to help its traders in every way and form it can. Now, it is up to you to finalize your research and pick the broker that you think will be the best partner in your trading journey. 



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