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Business.Club Active Wallet – Helping You to Grow Your Funds

While the crypto market offers a wide variety of digital wallets, each crypto holder has different requirements – so, you should stick to a wallet that meets your needs with precision. Business.Club is a new platform with an active digital wallet that offers crypto funds storage and much more.

With this wallet, you can be confident that your assets are safe. Besides, the website has a unique cryptocurrency, the Business Club Token (BCT), which can help you grow your funds. What’s more, Business.Club is the only platform that offers a debit card and an integrated social network.

How Does Business.Club Work?

Getting started on Business.Club is easy, as you only need to sign up on the website using your e-mail and username. Once you are a member of the platform, you receive an Active Wallet, a digital wallet that helps you multiply your funds. As noted earlier, the website offers Business Club Token (BCT), which allows you to transact seamlessly within the platform.

As a BCT holder, you can enjoy various privileges, including data storage purchases, bandwidth transfer, buying advertisement space, tipping other participants, and moving funds from one user to another within the platform.

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How Do You Benefit from the Active Wallet?

Active Wallet offers the following benefits:

Growing Your Profits

Since the Active Wallet works without stopping, you can easily increase your earnings with the BCT tokens. All the same, the platform charges a small fee for each transaction you conduct using the BCT token.

Besides, spending your tokens within and outside the community attracts a profit for Business.Club, as purchased tokens find their way back to the platform. Registered members can share a percentage of the generated profit, based on the number of BCT tokens they own.

Access to the Business.Club Visa Debit Card

The Active Wallet on Business.Club allows you to buy, sell, store, or spend digital and fiat currencies anywhere in the world. Additionally, the platform offers debit cards that accommodate both fiat and digital currencies. If your Active Wallet has BCT tokens for at least six months, you become eligible for a Business Club payment card.

BCT tokens in an Active Wallet generate a profit that increases daily, and at the end of 180 days, you can get your debit card. This implies that you don’t need to hold your tokens in order to get the debit card. Instead, you simply need to create an account, verify yourself, get the Active Wallet, and wait for your card to arrive.

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No Limit to the Amount You Can Transfer

Once you join the Business.Club platform, you can transfer an unlimited amount of BCT tokens. It only charges a small commission of 0.25% of the amount transferred, but it usually doesn’t go beyond 1 BCT. The platform plans to reduce the fee to 0.005% when the token supply ceases.

Support for Multiple Coins

Active Wallet supports a good number of cryptocurrencies in addition to the native BCT token. With plans to add more in the future, the wallet currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, Tether, and Ripple.

Easy Conversion of Cryptocurrency

The wallet allows easy and fast conversion of digital assets, using the special Active Wallet converter, in collaboration with CoinPayments and ShapeShift. The platform charges a fee of 3% on the converted amount for conversion pairs that do not involve BCT. For BCT pairs, the conversion is free and instant.

Business Social Network

Another distinctive feature of the Business.Club is the social network tool that gives users the opportunity to mingle with other like-minded peers. This enables them to acquire new ideas and techniques, which they can implement to grow their capital.

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Business.Club embraces blockchain technology, and members are free to see any transaction that takes place on the platform. The level of transparency is the same, regardless of the size of the transaction. Members can use the address to view the complete list of all transactions.

Referral Program

Business.Club initiated a referral program that enables members to invite their friends to create an account on the platform. New members can use a referral link to create an account or their leader’s username. When they begin to store their BCT tokens on the Active Wallet, the referral leader stands to earn a profit from their earnings.


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