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Capital Circle Group review 2022- Worth the trust?

Forex trading has always been an interesting thing for traders all over the world. Day by day, the forex trading business is growing more and more popular, with people all around the world joining this lucrative business. But the very sad truth of this trillion-dollar industry is that it is ruled by brokers who fool innocent traders and at last loot them.

Traders are always on the lookout for finding good forex brokerages to join. But they become more confused when looking for an honest trading brokerage because there are many scam brokers too in the market. So, how does a trader know which forex brokerage is good and which one is bad?

In my Capital Circle Group review, I wish to inform you all that I, too, was confused about where to trade and which brokerage I should choose for this thing. But after doing my research, I came to know many things about forex trading brokers and decided to share all those with you guys in my small review article. After hard research on various forex brokerages, I have come up with a few tricks brokers use to fool innocent traders. After reading my review, you will be able to judge which broker is good and which one is bad so that you can trade safely in the market.

Before I begin, let me tell you something about myself; I am a full-time forex trader who spends most of his days trading in the market. It’s been six years since I began trading in the forex market, and these days I am making huge profits because of my experience. Now, let’s get on with my review without wasting any time. Here, you will know how brokers fool traders by using their manipulative tactics.

Trading Bonus Scams:

Brokers lure traders by offering trading bonuses and, at last, loot people by making them their own. In fact, most brokers end up as scams as they say that there is no trading bonus. It all depends on how smartly you play with their trading tactics. For instance, they may give you low margin rates and the most lucrative trading bonuses, but in reality, they end up fooling traders by doing this.

Fake Reviews:

Brokers buy positive reviews from other companies and show them to you as their own. They do this to attract new traders and even convince them that they are legit. It’s all a plan which brokers use to loot innocent traders by making them trade with their scam brokerage.

Hidden Fees:

Some brokers charge hidden fees in the form of slippage, which traders do not know about. When a trader places a trade, they increase your buy or sell price because of this slippage and, at last, loot money from traders. In fact, it’s been seen that many scam brokers have done this thing to fool people and make them trade in the market.

Manipulative Systems:

Let me warn you all here in my Capital Circle Group review that there are many brokers in the market who use manipulative tactics to fool traders and take away their money. Most of these brokerages promise you huge profits, but in reality, they end up looting your money by using fake trading systems. I advise all traders to stay away from such brokerages.

Engineered Tools and instruments:

In most cases, brokerages use normal tools and instruments for trading, but in some cases, they also use unethical methods to fool traders. In this situation, a broker may give you high returns on your investment by using their own engineered systems which is not true at all.

Some great features

In the second half of my Goldenhare review, I will talk about the best features of this trading brokerage, along with some areas of improvement. By reading my Capital Circle Group review, you will be able to know the true nature of this broker and choose it according to your needs.

Low Spreads:

Capital Circle Group has very low spreads. This is really good news for all forex traders because they can trade with Capital Circle Group without worrying about huge spreads. This brokerage offers spreads of just two pips on the EUR/USD pair. In fact, it’s been seen that some scam brokerages have spread as high as 10 or 15 pips which is really bad for traders.

Low Trading Fees:

In many cases, we have seen that brokers charge high trading fees, but this is not the case with Capital Circle Group as they have low fees. In fact, it’s been seen that some scam brokerages have hidden fees that traders do not know about and at last loot money from them.

No Hidden Charges:

Some brokers may charge a large amount of money as hidden charges, but this is not the case with Capital Circle Group as they do not charge any hidden charges. In fact, such hidden charges are unnecessary and make the whole business suspicious.

User-friendly Interface:

I would like to tell you all in my Capital Circle Group review that the website has a user-friendly interface that allows you to trade conveniently without any problems. The design is simple, but you will be able to perform all your trading tasks effortlessly.

Intuitive Platform:

In addition to this, the Capital Circle Group trading platform is intuitive, and you will be able to use it according to your requirements. In fact, there are no complicated things in here which can confuse you while trading. It’s a simple platform but very powerful when it comes to making money from the forex market.

24/5 Customer Support:

Capital Circle Group has an amazing customer support team that is available for you all the time. In fact, it’s been seen that most scam brokerages have customer support teams that are not active at all times and ignore traders when they need help. This makes trading very difficult for them. You will be able to contact the customer support team anytime, and they will resolve your queries within a few minutes.

Full Transparency:

Finally, it’s important to discuss full transparency in my Capital Circle Group review so you can understand it better. In fact, there are many brokerages in the market who do not follow any rules and regulations and loot money from their traders. But the Capital Circle Group brokerage has chosen a transparent way to make money that is appreciated by all its users.

Some areas of improvement

Now I will discuss some areas of improvement in my Capital Circle Group review so you can understand it better. The good news is that this brokerage is continuously trying to make things better for traders. This is really a great thing as most brokerages not only loot money from traders but do not bother to improve their services. In this section, I will talk about some areas where Capital Circle Group can improve its services for a better user experience.

Demo Account Facility

The Capital Circle Group broker does not provide demo account facilities to its new users. This is really a big problem for new traders because they need to start with a real money account without any prior knowledge about trading. But this should not be an issue if you are an experienced forex trader.

No Scalping Facility

This brokerage does not provide a scalping facility to its users, which can be an issue for high profits traders. Moreover, you might find it difficult to open a real money account which is frustrating for traders who need more profits from the market. In my Capital Circle Group review, I would also like to mention that this broker has no hedging facility, which makes them unique in this regard. This can be a major drawback for traders who trade huge amounts of money in the forex market because they usually hedge their trades to reduce risk.

Limited Assets:

There are not many assets available for you to trade, and the number of currency pairs is also limited. If you like to explore more currencies or trade other financial instruments, then this brokerage may not be suitable for you. I think that in the future, this brokerage will add more assets to its trading platform to make it better for traders. The more the number of assets, the greater would be your profits, and this is something that I liked about Capital Circle Group.

Summing it up

To sum it up, I would like to say that Capital Circle Group is one of the few efficient forex brokers in this industry. It has all the features that you expect from a great brokerage and has an amazing customer support team which makes trading easy for traders. Moreover, there are no restrictions or limitations on your withdrawals or deposits, which is again a great feature that most brokerages do not have. This makes trading transparent, and traders can maintain their money at a personal level which is really a good thing for all traders in my Capital Circle Group review.

In conclusion, I can say that this brokerage has all the right things in the right places with amazing features and a supportive customer service team. This is the main reason it is able to maintain such a great reputation in the market. It has become one of the favorite forex brokers among traders who like to trade with real money and those who trade for fun as well.

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