How We Are Certain That Capital Gates ( and Their Owners Alfred Rogers and Joseph Morrow Are Scammers

Capital Gates (

There has been an unfortunate event recently that has emptied many crypto investors’ pockets. It was a scam run by Alfred Rogers and Joseph Morrow, the two evil brothers who decided to not only deceive people but also instill doubts in the hearts of others about online crypto investments. Such black sheep are doing great harm to the online world of crypto investments because the news about their scams scares new investors, those who are still thinking about it, and even those who have their funds invested in some crypto already.

The two brothers ran an online website called Capital Gates where they disguised as a crypto concierge service to help people with crypto buying, selling, and securing. With an easy signup process, they pulled in as many interested investors as possible and then poof—they disappeared. What makes us say with surety that David and Joseph Morrow are scammers? Let’s take a look at a few things.

A Deluge of Scamming Complaints

So, online crypto investors are usually new and young people who can confuse a lot of things with a scam. Not reading the fine print is often the cause behind them thinking their broker or exchange is a scam. However, they are not always correct with their assessment, and in many cases, a call to the exchange can resolve their problems. What makes a matter serious is when we start receiving a flood of scamming complaints and they all point to the same scammer. That’s when we know there is something wrong and we have to do something about it.

This is exactly what happened in the case of the heinous brothers. Looking at their website, you would agree that it looks just like any other crypto concierge website. It talks about the signup process, the buying and selling process, and has a story of the brand. These are all the ingredients that make up most of the online crypto concierge websites. It seems that they were able to deceive a lot of people with their website. Within a few months, we received hundreds and thousands of complaints about this online broker.


What started to get our attention was the fact that most of these people were mentioning the names behind the scam. Yes, they continued to say that Alfred Rogers and Joseph Morrow  were the masterminds that plotted this scam. As a result of so many complaints, we had to take notice.

All Victims Were Investors

You know how the online world works today. If someone has a complaint about a business and they voice their opinion online, they get backed up by hundreds of other people even though not all of these people might have ever visited the business. Once the ball starts to roll down the cliff, it starts gaining mass and the business’ reputation gets damaged before it can do anything about it. However, things were quite different in the case of this scam exchange. The reports we received about Gabi and Alfred Rogers were all coming from people who signed up on their website.

These were people who wanted to change their lives but they were met with a scammer. They wanted to enter the world of online crypto trading to gain financial stability, but what they received in return was financial loss. All their dreams turned into nightmares and they could no more see a better and more financially secure future. Instead, they were now scared of investing online and had promised they were not going to invest ever again.

We could have turned down and ignore the complaints from people who were just jumping on the bandwagon. However, all these reports came from real people who signed up on the platform, deposited so much money and were scammed.

We Received the Evidence

Now, just because an investor that signed up on the platform called or emailed us and told us that the exchange was a scam didn’t mean we were going to trust them. We needed proof. We needed evidence of all the accusations that were thrown toward Alfred Rogers and Joseph Morrow. Soon, we realized that the primary mastermind Alfred Rogers and his accomplice brother Joseph Morrow were really evil. We looked at the transaction screenshots from these investors that showed in great detail that they had transferred money to these scammers.

What made us worry even more is that many of these transactions were huge. You wouldn’t believe that there was an investor who had invested $400,000 on this platform and they were scammed. We have all of these proofs with us today. Furthermore, these investors sent us proofs that they were trying to contact the company. Many of them sent us screenshots that they were trying to get in touch with David and Joseph Morrow . However, their calls were not being returned.

People Were Locked out of Accounts

So, you not being able to get someone to pick up your phone when you call a business is something that happens quite frequently. It does not mean that the business is scamming you. You call a few times and they pick up the phone. However, what really did it for us was the fact that all of these investors were locked out of their accounts. That’s something completely out of the ordinary and unusual. No matter how slow, lazy, or careless the exchange you have signed up with is, they will never lock you out of your account. It only happens when the business has taken control of the money you deposited in the account.

Stay Safe at All Costs

Alfred Rogers and his brother Joseph Morrow  are still at large. We have started to get into the details of the matter but also begun to spread the word about their scam so people can avoid them at all costs. We urge you to tell us if you get to know anything about them. Also, whenever you find out about them, make sure you share the information with others so they can protect their money from being stolen by these digital thieve brothers.

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Tehvid Terdin (Slovakia)

Tehvid is a crypto trader and writer from Slovakia. Tehvid has been trading BTC and various altcoins for over 5 years.

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