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CardStarter (CARDS) Reaches Humungous Heights In Just A Couple of Days

The recently launched crypto CARDS from CardStarter is showing up huge numbers, speeding through the value race like a bullet train. According to CardStarter, CARDS seeks to give momentum to Cardano-based projects while also providing insurance for the process. The value of CARDS somehow recently shot to the moon as the crypto gained nearly a humungous 6000% plus in just a few days of stepping into the market. The rise was so high that the crypto went from a mere %0.16 to an astounding $10 and growing, shaking almost the entire market with its presence, shocking the minds of many traders and investors around the world.

As of now, CARDS is hovering at the price figure of $16 and is expected to show another huge rise as more and more trade opportunities and partnerships arise amidst the value boom. This new surge in price isn’t the first time that CARDS has experienced. There was a previous surge that shot the price of crypto up to around $5 but plummeting back to the $2 range on the 31st of March.

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CardStarter being Grateful

Having a tremendous launch period, CARDS is looking to facilitate the initial contributors for their efforts to make the crypto a very valuable choice in the crypto market. As a reward, the most supportive users who participated in the trading of CARDS will gain special access to help them acquire any new tokens introduced into the Cardano Blockchain before their proper launch, providing them with a huge head start for newly launched cryptos and tokens, but this will only be possible after Cardano fully enables the ability to utilize smart contracts which is a big problem.

Support to Secure

For consumer protection, all those who contribute to the design and implementation of new projects will be prompted to take part in additional contributions to the CardStarter Bank. These additional contributions and donations will help to make the CARDS network stronger and much more secure from hackers and exploiters, keeping investors’ and traders’ precious assets safe and sound.

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But even after all this, CARDS runs on the Cardano Blockchain, which has been a target of criticism from the community because it still hasn’t fully been able to implement the smart contract system into its network, giving questionable ideas to traders and investors who are looking to invest their precious assets into the CARDS token from the Cardano blockchain.

According to analysts, if Cardano can manage to implement the utilization of smart contracts, CARDS has a very good chance to become a very popular token running on a well-secured and reliable blockchain from Cardano.

MubaShar Nawaz (United Arab Emirates)

MubaShar Nawaz is an experienced crypto writer working for Tokenhell. Having passion for writing, he covers news articles from blockchain to cryptocurrency.

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