Two Coinbase Employees Get Married On Ethereum Blockchain

The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency has continued to be high, as everyone seems to be thrilled behind the idea of digital assets and their offerings. However, while many analysts believe that the growing adoption of these digital assets is because of the plummeting price value of the assets.

Alternatively, some analysts believe that many like Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky- two employees of Coinbase who recently confirmed that they got married on the Ethereum blockchain, are just fascinated by the idea behind the Blockchain network and technologies.

The Ethereum wedding ceremony cost less than $600

In the announcement yesterday by the Bride- Rebecca Rose, she confirmed to their intrigued followers that she had got married to her lover- Peter Kacherginsky, on the Ethereum blockchain on March 14. In her tweet, she confirmed that they had agreed to get married via the Ethereum Blockchain after their traditional Jewish wedding.

The Ethereum wedding was made successful by a smart contract called Tabaat. The Tabaat, which also means ring in the Hebrew language, was created on March 10 by Kacherginsky and was meant to issue an NFT-themed tokenized ring. The Tabaat cost the couple about 0.256 ETH, and the overall transaction cost of the virtual wedding was pegged around 0.32 ETH, estimated to be less than $600 in today’s prices.

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As confirmed by Rose’s tweet, the virtual wedding ceremony cost an extra $50 in miscellaneous cost and was sealed in barely five minutes on the Ethereum Blockchain. According to Rose, she was delighted at the success of their blissful union, as she believed that it does not matter where one got married, as what matters most is the affection shared by both partners. Rose is also delighted that she and her groom could avert spending at least $35,000, the average cost of a wedding in the United States.

This is not the first and will unlikely be the last

The wedding of both Rose and Kacherginsky was sealed by an NFT, showing the merging of two circles. However, Rose believes that just like everything digital and decentralized, there is some form of permanency in their wedding, which she hopes will last forever. She believes that the idea behind the choice of a Blockchain-themed wedding by her and Kacherginsky was because they wanted to have something to look forward to in the future.

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Surprisingly, the new Jewish couples are not the first to get married on Blockchain technology, as Joyce Bayo and David Mondrus did the same thing seven years ago. On October 5, 2014, Bayo and Mondrus became the first couple ever to get married on the Blockchain network, at a Bitcoin conference in Floride, much to the delight of many Blockchain users.

However, there will now be expectations around the Blockchain space of events of such natures, as many in the crypto space will want to follow the part of Rose and Kacherginsky. However, these events’ implication further shows that the adoption of cryptocurrency will continue to be high.

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