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CertiK Identifies Hackers Involved In Monkey Drainer Hack

CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm, recently announced that they have identified the hackers behind the Monkey Drainer hack

This hack saw enormous amount of Ethereum (ETH) wallets being drained of their funds by a group of hackers using a phishing link on fake NFT mint sites.

Investigation Into This Hack

According to a press release from CertiK, these hackers employed smart contract vulnerabilities to drain funds from ignorant individuals. 

Certik claims to have substantial proof linking the hackers to the theft, and is collaborating with authorities to bring the individuals to justice.

The Monkey Drainer hack was one of the largest Ethereum-based scams in recent history, with the hackers reportedly stealing over $30 million in ETH from vulnerable wallets. 

They were discovered to have conducted their operations using the Telegram social media app. The hack caused panic among the Ethereum community, with users rushing to secure their funds.

CertiK’s investigation into the hack revealed that these hackers used a complex web of interconnected smart contracts to steal the NFT worth millions. 

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The company’s team of experts were able to track these funds to various addresses manned by the hackers, and have shared this information with the authorities.

In a statement, CertiK’s CEO said that these types of hacks are becoming more prevalent in the space and security firms need to step up their procedures in combating these crimes. 

He went on to highlight the importance of using security measures, which includes verifications that prevent these types of attacks. 

Crypto Community Responds To These Investigation

The news of CertiK’s involvement in the investigation into the Monkey Drainer hack has received applause from the crypto community. 

Many users have praised the firm for their commitment to ensuring the security of the blockchain ecosystem, and for their efforts in bringing these hackers to justice.

Despite the positive reaction from the community, the Monkey Drainer hack stresses the need for increased security measures in the blockchain space. 

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With billions worth of assets being kept on the Ethereum network, it is important that the industry takes steps to prevent similar attacks from taking place in the future.

CertiK’s investigation into the Monkey Drainer hack is ongoing, and the company is working closely with authorities to bring the individuals responsible to justice. 

The firm has urged all users to be vigilant and to take steps to secure their funds, including using verification and implementing security measures.

This Monkey Drainer hack was a malicious attack on the Ethereum network, however, the procedures of companies like CertiK to identify and bring these hackers to justice are proof of the resilience of the blockchain industry. 

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