Chainalysis Rolls Out A Free Cryptocurrency Market Website Called Market Intel

Chainalysis, the blockchain analytics company has rolled out a new cryptocurrency market website known as Market Intel which is open to the public and can be used freely. This free-to-use cryptocurrency website aims at providing more information and data about the cryptocurrency market to the public.

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Chainalysis Market Intel is now accessible for market insight

The blockchain analytics company has released the beta version of the Chainalysis Market Intel website which is accessible to the public freely without any cost and they can get daily cryptocurrency market insights from this website. The main job of this website is to provide users with daily metrics on supply, trading, risk, generation, and to provide real-time insights about the cryptocurrency market by aggregating on-chain data.

Market Intel basically focuses on financial regulators and asset managers who are keen to monitor cryptocurrency markets’ health. The Chief Economist at Chainalysis Philip Gradwell says that regulatory investors usually do not receive enough information on the cryptocurrency market therefore they hesitate to enter into the market. However, Gradwell says that if they can get better information and insight about the market, they are likely to step into the market.

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Gradwell stated that that is the reason “we’ve done a lot of work to try to get away from the more technical blockchain metrics and try to put things in more real-world terms”.

Chainalysis does not plan to charge at the moment

Moving on ahead, the Chainalysis’ Chief Economist said that the company does not aim at imposing fee charges on users right now, and therefore, they are launching the free beta version of the website. Adding more to it, Gradwell said:

“We think the product market fit will take some time but we think it’s one worth playing for. If cryptocurrency does mature into a significant financial asset then it sort of almost follows that there’s’ going to be a decent data and intel industry.”

According to the company, Market Intel has been developed for those people who do not show any interest in the blockchain analytics products of Chainalysis.


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