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Chief Analyst of Cipher Trac: «Bitcoin Spawn Will Double Your BTC in 7 Days»

Cipher Trac’s Chief Analyst called Bitcoin Spawn one of the most successful platforms for inter-exchange crypto-arbitration: «Using smart contracts and neural networks, Bitcoin Spawn literally duplicates your BTC in just 7 days»

According to the Cipher Trac analytical agency, in 2022, inter-exchange arbitration became the №1 tactic for investors who are looking for the best ways to generate income during the crypto crisis. Based on the Cipher Trac report, for the 2nd quarter of 2022, the yield of crypto arbitration has increased by 67% compared to the same period last year, which is the largest increase in the last 5 years.

Cipher Trac named 3 main reasons for the growth of arbitration profitability:

  • liquidity crisis between exchanges caused by the bear market;
  • the growing availability of arbitration among novice crypto investors;
  • development of platforms and bots for automatic arbitration.

Cipher Trac experts noted that the progress of the last few years in the field of smart contracts and neural networks has caused a real boom in the field of cryptocurrency arbitration, which most of all influenced the growth of the industry as a whole.


Harry Frome, Chief Analyst at Cipher Trac

«We see how in the last 2 years smart contracts and neural networks have been increasingly integrated into inter-exchange arbitration, allowing investors to receive passive income without spending any time. In many ways, the Bitcoin Spawn project has a positive impact on the industry – it’s the first arbitration bot in which the predictive potential of neural networks and the high speed of smart contracts are revealed»

Bitcoin Spawn is a popular fully automated arbitration bot, which combines smart contracts and neural networks, providing stable returns on investments in BTC – 100% per week without human participation. The bot analyzes the cost of bitcoin on 20 crypto exchanges and, thanks to its spread and large volumes, makes a profit by buying a BTC at one exchange and selling it at another.

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Briefly about how Bitcoin Spawn works:

As soon as the BTC exchange rate on Exchange A falls below the BTC exchange rate on exchange B, the smart contract executes a sell order on exchange A, simultaneously placing a new buy order on exchange B. Literally in seconds, Bitcoin Spawn makes thousands of such micro-transactions, providing a stable yield of 100% per week.

Harry Frome, Chief Analyst at Cipher Trac

«To extract maximum profit from each transaction, Bitcoin Spawn has developed an interesting solution. In addition to the smart contract, the bot uses the patented Bitcoin-ML neural network. The neural network is trained on billions of other transactions and uses big data to analyze the correlation between BTC and other cryptocurrencies, which allows you to get accurate forecasts of the BTC exchange rate on different exchanges»

Human participation in bot operations is not required, so the user can double his/her BTC without having to independently track the rates between exchanges, make deals and build complex arbitration strategies.

3-component system of Bitcoin Spawn

  • Built-in forecasting system

The Bitcoin-ML neural network forecasting system collects big data from millions of transactions on 25 crypto exchanges and uses mathematical formulas to calculate profitable trading pairs.

  • Recurrent neural networks

RNN neural networks improve forecasting algorithms based on the results of previous forecasts, allowing the program to self-study and adapt the strategy to the current situation on the exchanges. Therefore, even if the transaction becomes unprofitable due to correlation and deviation on another exchange, this transaction will close at 0, but not at a negative rate.

  • Smart trading system
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Bitcoin Spawn uses fully automated AI, which accurately determines the difference in price between exchanges, making error-free transactions. For analysis, it uses a large number of exchanges. Thanks to this, it automatically determines on which exchange and in which direction bitcoin will go. And so, it is possible to achieve 100% accuracy of the forecast.

From the official statement of @@@, the head of Bitcoin Spawn:

«Bitcoin Spawn users can receive instant risk-free profit from price fluctuations on exchanges. Bitcoin doubles every 7 days, regardless of the amount of the initial deposit»

Considering how quickly prices change when trading on the arbitration market, using the Bitcoin Spawn bot is perfect for making profit from arbitration transactions.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of investing in Bitcoin Spawn, check out the information on the official website of the project.

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