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Chinese Artificial Intelligence Company Releases Bot Service to Rival ChatGPT

Recently, iFlytek, a Chinese technology organization, made headlines following the introduction of its artificial intelligence (AI) system, referred to as the ‘Spark Model.’ The management believes that by the end of the year, it will overtake ChatGPT

China Set for General AI from iFlytek

The launch occurred during a tech event called ‘Spark Desk,’ which comprehensively illustrates the systems’ capabilities. Liu Qingfeng, the company’s president and founder, claimed that this new model represented the general AI emergence.

 Despite lacking a scientific agreement concerning the possibility of general AI using present machine learning tactics, the tech magnate compared it to ChatGPT and issued a timeline for subsequent updates. He said the company would strive to improve the big model this year. On 10th October, it will triumph the ChatGPT scale though in the Chinese language as witnessed in English. 


Spark Model Set to Rival ChatGPT Model in Capability 

By the time of the article’s publishing, information concerning the primary technology behind Spark Model was scanty. Nevertheless, Liu Qingfeng praised the technology’s capabilities by claiming that it was several steps ahead of the present system that is measurable in China. Avoiding side-by-side benchmarking while making direct contrasts between ChatGPT and similar models is difficult.

In addition to OpenAI concealing training and other proprietary data, China has banned ChatGPT. As such, it is difficult for the model to learn Chinese culture and languages. ChatGPT’s present ban in China is considered a major constraint, particularly in comparison to Hong Kong, which lacks a public-wide ban on the utilization of technologies, for instance, cryptocurrency and ChatGPT. 

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Will Spark Model Withstand the Popularity of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is quite common among individuals and organizations in Hong Kong and the West owing to its special capabilities. Examples include the capability to create code, perform portfolio assessments, and develop advanced trading bots. 

If the Spark Model’s planned upgrades result in iFlytek’s advantage over ChatGPT and OpenAI, it would be a major technological moment, especially given that ChatGPT is one of the most robust generative AI systems. 

In addition, the immense moment would be linked to the implementation of the intervention within a very short duration. Qingfeng stated that on 22nd December, the organization’s research arm started working on the Spark Model. In comparison, OpenAI started creating its products’ antecedents in 2015. ChatGPT’s launch took place on 30th November 2022. 

Way Forward for China’s AI

Given the scale of current exports, China is set to become a powerhouse of artificial intelligence. 

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A recent revelation by Economists detailed that China triumphed over the US in the number of cited AI publications in 2019. By 2021, China accounted for 26% of the global publications on AI, against 17% by the US. 

Further, the May 9 report demonstrated that nine in ten leading institutions in AI publications volume are in China. Although dwarfed by developed peers in the frontier technology sectors, it is leading in the AI segment.

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