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Stacks Introduces Nakamoto to Speed Up Bitcoin Transactions

Key Insights

  • Nakamoto upgrade cuts Stacks block time from 10-30 mins to just 5 secs.
  • STX token price surges 16% following Nakamoto rollout.
  • Nakamoto update propels STX into the top 25 market cap tokens.

Stacks, the Bitcoin layer-2 solution, has started to phase the process of rolling out its Nakamoto upgrade, which is designed to improve the transaction speed and overall blockchain efficiency. This upgrade was named after the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and it is the most substantial update to the Stacks network to date. It brings in a new way of producing blocks that would ultimately enable faster transaction processing and higher scalability.

Technical Enhancements Brought by Nakamoto

The Nakamoto upgrade completely changes the way Stacks interacts with the Bitcoin blockchain by decoupling its block production schedule from Bitcoin’s. Before, Stack blocks were generated at the same rate as Bitcoin, which resulted in congestion and slow transaction times.

Under Nakamoto, Stacks will change to a quicker block production schedule, dropping the time of block production from the present 10 minutes to 30 seconds and even to about five seconds per block. This is done by enhancement of the proof-of-transfer consensus algorithm, which introduces additional block signers that streamline transaction verification.

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Immediate Effects and Future Rollout

To start the renewing process, the Stacks went through the stage of practice, as the developers call it, during which new mechanisms are being tested. Such a stage is critical to ensure the smooth migration to full Nakamoto upgrade functionality.


Similarly, wallet users should upgrade their wallets to compatible versions with the new upgrade. The Stack developers have stated that most compliant wallets will update themselves, making the transition effortless for users.

Besides, staking has been more instant due to this enhancement. Upon commencement of the rollout, the staked STX tokens were automatically unlocked, and later, the users are to restake the tokens in Nakamoto-compliant pools that will be up in no more than a week. This improvement has led to a rise in activities within the Stacks ecosystem, as evidenced by a 5% price surge of the STX token within 24 hours.

Market Reaction and Prospects

The market has welcomed the Nakamoto upgrade as STX has reached the top 25 tokens in terms of market capitalization. Muneeb Ali, co-founder of Stacks and CEO of Trust Machines, emphasized that this development is a component of a larger initiative to improve the infrastructure of Bitcoin.

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By enhancing the layer-2 solution, Stacks intends to underpin the growing DeFi applications that are now being built on the Bitcoin network.

Ali also observed the wider implications for Bitcoin in the context of the digital asset industry. With improvements such as Nakamoto, Bitcoin remains not only a value store but also an underlay for innovative financial applications. This also coincides with the increasing popularity of other Bitcoin-correlated innovations, including oracles and BRC-20 tokens that have been favored with recent market highs.

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