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Chinese Tech Firm Alibaba Launches AI Tool

According to Alibaba, its I2VGen-XL model can handle sampling, training, visualization, interference, acceleration, using images and videos for join training, and more.

Recently, another artificial intelligence (AI) model has been released. Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, a Chinese conglomerate and one of the globe’s major cloud computing firms, has released I2VGen-XL, its artificial intelligence tool.

It is an improved text-to-video system that seeks to compete against major models such as those unveiled by Stability AI or Pika Labs.

The firm unveiled the model’s weights following the publication of its research paper in November. According to the paper, I2VGen-XL cascaded diffusion models are utilized in the AI tool’s engineering. This complex artificial intelligence tactic ensures the created videos are visually remarkable, semantically accurate, and contextually clear.


Additionally, it entails two stages. First, the base stage entails promoting coherence with the input images and texts. Secondly, the refinement stage improves the video’s resolution and details, attaining up to 1280×720 pixels.

 Those who generate images using SDXL might be familiar with this tactic. Different from SD 1.5 and SD 2.1, which depended on one model, Stability AI originated from two models, a refiner and a base. The two must be merged to create the best-quality images.

According to Alibaba Cloud, a substantial dataset of nearly 35 million text-to-video pairs and 6 billion text-to-image pairs was utilized to train the model. This kind of dataset ensures precision and versatility across different subjects and scenarios.

Alibaba Cloud Enters the AI Arms Race

This unveiling happens amid increased competition and tensions in the international technology landscape, especially between China and the United States. Amid an environment of trade limitations as well as a push for technological self-dependence, Alibaba’s strategy is well-timed and tactically crucial for the nation.

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The tech company’s most recent innovation is not an isolated development. Instead, it is part of an extended narrative of technological competition. The race for artificial intelligence supremacy has heightened due to the United States executing limitations on the export of chips and China implementing countermeasures.

Further, the environment has stimulated indigenous technology advancements, with both the U.S. and China vying for the first position in semiconductor technology, artificial intelligence, and 5G innovation.

Compared to other major advancements in the field, for instance, Stable Video Diffusion and PIKA Lab’s model, I2VGen-XL differentiates itself via its extraordinary approach as well as considerable semantic precision.

The I2VGen-XL model epitomizes a major breakthrough in the artificial intelligence landscape since it offers an option for models that are either prohibited for users in China or could be limited in the future by the Chinese or United States government.

Alibaba’s Seeks to Cement Superiority in Technology 

Alibaba does not just focus on e-commerce. For a while, it has been a major player in upcoming technologies, continuously pushing more developments in different domains, including software, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and digital currencies.

 In artificial intelligence-enhanced animation, in addition to s I2VGen-XL, Alibaba’s ‘Animate Anyone’ model is conspicuous. The tool uses an original framework referred to as ReferenceNET to change static images to dynamic animations. Besides, incorporating advanced diffusion models creates visually consistent and temporally stable videos.

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 Alibaba Cloud collaborated with Avalanche to introduce the Cloudverse platform. The technology gives businesses a smooth pathway to develop and support their digital universes.

Additionally, the strategic coalition with Avalanche and the role of Metaverse Universal Assets’ decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in middleware solutions underscores Alibaba’s cooperative strategy and its commitment to exploiting Web3 technologies.

Jack Ma’s perceptions concerning digital currencies highlight Alibaba’s intense interest in the future of global finance. His support for the transformative role of digital currencies in developing a new financial structure is in line with the rising international inclination toward digitalization in finance.

Despite Jack’s depiction of himself as a crypto doubter, this kind of position is quite far from being a crypto hater. In the middle of the ill-famed crypto winter of 2018, Jack introduced a Blockchain as a Service business. 

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