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Chipotle Wants To Give Away $100,000 Bitcoin For Burrito Day

Holding digital assets, especially Bitcoin, has been seen as the best form of investment as the world continues its digital advancement. Before the advent of the assets, people have had to invest in stocks and other financial instruments.

But presently, crypto has now tipped the scale, and upset other investments save for precious metal, Gold. To further help its customers adopt leading the digital asset, fast food in America has announced that it will give out Bitcoin worth $100,000. According to the investment, this move was taken to celebrate National Burrito Day.

Brandt says this event will be spectacular

Giving insights into the event, Chris Brandt, the chief marketing official of the investment, Chipotle Mexican Grill, pointed out that the event was a very memorable one for them. He said that they are always at a loss on how to celebrate it in a grand way every year, but this year will be different. He pointed out that they have Burritos and Bitcoin up for grabs.

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In the statement, Chipotle has pointed out that a special website would be made available for this purpose. To get either Bitcoin or Burritos, the individual will be allowed to try out a combination of six number passwords. The statement also mentioned that successful contestants would be allowed to win prizes worth up to $25,000 while 50 winners would walk home with Bitcoin worth $500.

According to the released statement, the giveaway was inspired by the recent event surrounding Ripple’s CTO, Stefan Thomas. Asides from being the CTO of Ripple, Thomas also doubles as the CEO of Coil and one of the brains behind Interledger, a payments platform. Thomas made the headlines at the start of the year when he was said to have lost his access to Bitcoin, believed to be worth about $413 million.

The event was inspired by the story of Ripple CTO

Thomas has not been able to access the Bitcoin because the private keys needed to open his wallet are currently locked in a hard drive. Even though it looks easy, Thomas has pointed out that the drive is encrypted, and he has not been able to remember the password to open it. Accumulating to his problem, Stefan now has only two trials left before the drive locks forever because he had ten tries and has used up eight of them.

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Making the story after Thomas’s misfortune, the participants have ten tries like Thomas, and if they cannot decipher the number, they won’t be able to get their rewards just like Thomas. Asides from the rewards in Bitcoin, Chipotle has assured fans that they have about 10,000 burritos up for grabs.

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