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Cocoin Changes the Game with a Deflationary Community Driven Token Model

Cocoin is a new deflationary cryptocurrency with a fresh community-driven anti whale, anti-pump & dump policy with 100% transparency. Dedicated to transforming the scene, $COCO is for those “who want to create a better life than their parents could,” as stated by company representatives.

A few weeks ago, Cocoin or COCO was founded by a team of 4 publicly vetted developers from the Netherlands. The team is entirely genuine and upfront. They have committed themselves to do anything within their power to eliminate whales and pump and dump scenarios from the equation. It was their belief in the value of their holders saying, “We’re in this together,” that compelled them to create a community-driven coin of “the people.” A deflationary currency with no way but up.

What is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency, and Are They Worth the Hype surrounding them?

Most crypto tokens have a restricted supply. The most well-known of them is Bitcoin, which has a maximum of 21 million tokens available after mining is completed. In contrast, there are tokens like Dogecoin that potentially have an unlimited supply. These “unlimited cryptos” are also called inflationary because they can experience inflation over long periods dependent upon developers’ whims. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cannot do that because their code limits them, though not inherently inflationary.

Inflation will happen when the purchasing power of any currency goes down due to market circumstances. It is usually because a central regulating body or government decides to create or print too much of any said currency. However, centralized governments or institutions that determine a token’s supply don’t even exist when referring to deflationary cryptocurrencies. There is no one to manipulate the free market when it is written into the code, and it cannot be altered by whim or politics when that code is decentralized across the planet. No government has the power to change it or take the network down. You see, the future dominance of the deflationary crypto economy is solely dependent upon the trust of its participants. Trust is built into a token’s ecosystem when the number of tokens is predetermined. This solidity of the “rules” makes deflationary currencies invaluable to control our investments, our money, and the future freedom of the world. The primary purpose of a deflationary currency is to eliminate the hands that reach in from all directions to interfere with a free economy. The middlemen are entirely removed from the equation.


The Mechanics of a Deflationary Cryptocurrency

The rarer deflationary currencies have a maximum supply that always stays the same. They also have a total token supply that decreases gradually over time. This decrease is commonly in the form of a “burn rate.” A portion of every transaction of deflationary currencies is automatically destroyed or “burned.” Thus, they are continuously removed from the market.

As more tokens get burned over time, the total supply of tokens is reduced. This constantly shrinking supply will, in principle, lead to increasing prices in a long-term scenario. It is not surprising that deflationary economics are popular among speculative crypto projects that want to ensure prices will go up over time. Cocoin is one of them.

The only way is up

What are the Innate Mechanics of Cocoin?

These are the intrinsic coded workings of the Cocoin deflationary model. 2% is taken to fund charities of the community’s choice to impact those who need it the most. 2% is burned to reduce the number of COCOs circulating each time a trade is made, which will cause the price to increase over time. 2% goes to holders of Cocoin to generate a boost to the number of tokens in holder wallets. The number of COCO tokens grows for each holder each time anyone else trades. Just holding will be rewarded because of this, and for the long-term investor, there is no other way but up. 2% will automatically go to a locked “liquidity pool.” The LP is locked and inaccessible for one year, causing an increasing price floor. 2% will go to marketing and innovation. To get more information visit the $COCO Community Official group on Telegram

Statements from the Cocoin Developers

When asked, “What makes Cocoin different?” developers added, “Holders decide on innovations. We care for the community, we protect the community, and we are anti whale. When we say ‘whale,’ we do not mean the beautiful ocean creatures. No, we mean the ones that cause the dips. During the pre-sale and fair launch, only a limited amount per holder could be purchased. At a later stage occurring now on PancakeSwap, when a holder buys more COCOs and tries to trade more than 0.1% of the total supply, the trade will be automatically rejected. This rejection is to protect the price movement. We are against pump & dump.”

The Innate Promise of Decentralization and the Cocoin Deflationary Model

The deflationary structure of Cocoin can be said to be a direct response to the inflationary model, a model which picks the pockets of the citizens in all the countries of the entire world, and it is on purpose. 

The world’s people are looking to change around how and where they put their hard-earned money, and they fight for the right to do so. The promise of Cocoin and all the other coins with a decentralized deflationary model is the separation of money and the governments that control it. Money is as fundamental as religion. It affects how the lives of the people unfold. The choices that the people make about money dictate how lives are free to be lived unmolested. To have an institution like money controlled by governments that are a central entity is absurd. It is immoral—this separation from the “state” is the promise of decentralization. 

One of the Cocoin team, Jessica, stated, “The difference between winners and spectators it is that winners have a belief that overwrites the crowd’s disbelief.” If everyone could come to this vision, freedom is at hand—the power to the people.

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