Coin Voyage – World’s First Nautical Themed Blockchain Strategy Game Set to Release This Summer

Coin Voyage

The team, which developed ‘IOST Crypto Sangguo’ a very popular first Three Kingdoms themed multiplayer RPG strategy blockchain-based game, is now going to introduce the first-ever nautical DLT strategy game of the world called as ‘Coin Voyage’. IOST Crypto Sangguo was released last summer and it had been the top-ranking game for a long time holding the first spot on all of the DApp explorer sites. After gaining huge success in their first masterpiece, this team of developers is now coming up with another masterpiece in the form of Coin Voyage which is set to launch this summer.

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Coin Voyage leverages ETH and IOST cross-blockchain

Like IOST Crypto Sangguo, Coin Voyage is also a distributed ledger technology (DLT) powered game and leverages the IOST and ETH cross-blockchain. With the help of blockchain technology, Coin Voyage provides players a wide range of opportunities in the game to explore different areas and islands and gather interesting treasures from there.

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Basically, the players in the game enroll various pirates and legendary navigators, and then with the help of these characters, they gather around wealth by conquering remote islands and then make their own unbeatable fleet.


Coin Voyage Game is free to play

There is no need to pay any kind of charges to play this blockchain technology-powered strategy game as it is completely free to play. Players can get gold coins or any other item available in the game at a free cost on the blockchain. There are different kinds of items available in the game that players can gather such as equipment, ships, goods, and other resources.

The Coin Voyage’s developers do not sell any of the present items to make money out of it. The team only sells rare heroes to make profits. Various equipment and resources present in the game are shown in the below-given picture.

Though IOST Crypto Sangguo has earned a greater reputation and popularity, Coin Voyage may break the records of its success with the passage of time. After launching Coin Voyage this summer, the team behind it aims to develop more games based on blockchain technology.

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