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Coinbase Launches Base Mainnet With Support For DApps And DeFi

The Coinbase Base Mainnet has been officially launched with many new features, a thriving community of over 100 decentralized applications (DApps), and service providers eager to leverage the new protocol. This grand unveiling follows a flawless performance on the testnet in February and the release of a developer-focused version in July.

The primary objective of the Coinbase Base Mainnet is to enable scalability and more cost-effective solutions for crypto market players.

Unleashing Diverse Decentralized Applications      

The report highlights Base’s collaborative journey, demonstrating its integrative feature with many well-known crypto ventures since its inception. The platform’s dynamic approach entails forming strategic partnerships with several entities like decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to enable financial freedom.


It also includes wallets to store digital assets, bridges connecting blockchains, oracles providing reliable data, and analytics and infrastructure providers supporting the entire crypto ecosystem. This network of collaborations has enhanced Base’s reputation and firmly established it as a total scaling solution provider.

In addition, this new platform provides developers with the tools they need to create game-changing applications while reaping the benefits of cost savings and increased scalability. Additionally, Coinbase envisions itself as the primary network for all its on-chain products.

The firm’s objective demonstrates its strong commitment to welcoming Layer 2 (L2) solutions and accelerating the adoption of streamlined blockchain technologies. Furthermore, the anticipation for Base’s launch in the last few months had been profound.

During those months, developers and users flocked to the network, transferring assets worth more than $100 million to understand better how the protocol works. Coinbase also launched a special “Onchain Summer” event to commemorate this historic occasion.

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This event highlights the Base network’s capabilities and potential to transform the virtual asset industry. Meanwhile, the spotlight during the event will be on partner DApps focused on digital art, music, and gaming.

In the meantime, users can create a unique “Base, Day One” non-fungible token (NFT) to commemorate this historic event.

Coinbase To Benefit From Base Roll-up Network   

Coinbase stands to reap numerous benefits from its strategic use of Base as a scaling solution. One significant benefit is the enhanced user experience made possible by Base’s roll-up network, which helps lower transaction fees and boost transaction processing time.

This improved usability is important as it helps to attract more users and retain a larger user community. Moreover, Base’s roll-up network will further enhance Coinbase’s operational scalability and efficiency.

Thus, Coinbase will accommodate increased user demands without experiencing network sluggishness and can manage an enormous influx of transactions without depending on the Ethereum mainnet. This will ensure a smooth and continuous trading experience.

Another advantage of the Base mainnet is that it will save users more money. Thus, the company can spend less on transaction fees associated with Ethereum network activities thanks to Base’s roll-up solution.

This cost reduction benefits Coinbase and its user base, making trading and interactions with DApps more affordable and accessible. The seamless integration with Base Mainnet allows Coinbase users to establish strong connections within the vast Base ecosystem.

As Base becomes the primary network for Coinbase’s on-chain merchandise, the platform can offer a broader range of services while capitalizing on the potential of Base’s diverse DApps networks. Meanwhile, incorporating Base’s roll-up network will further expand the company’s ability to provide users with an optimized, cost-effective, and smooth trading experience.

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Coinbase’s strategic move will strengthen its position as an industry pioneer, demonstrating its commitment to leading the creation of scalable blockchain solutions. Besides increased scalability and lower operational costs, leveraging Base’s power yields multiple benefits for Coinbase, including improved user activities and deep interactions among members.

The combination of these factors results in a secure and constantly-improving crypto platform. Despite its legal battle with the US regulator, Coinbase remains committed to launching consumer-centric products in the crypto market.

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