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Coinbase Stocks Rise as the BTC Crosses $70,000 Price Mark

Bitcoin rebounded past the $70,000 threshold, sending Coinbase’s stock skyrocketing. An important turning point for the cryptocurrency industry has been reached by the price of Bitcoin and Coinbase’s shares rising.

The stock opened at $381 a share, which was a reflection of the enormous excitement surrounding the exchange and the cryptocurrency industry in general. Alongside Coinbase shares, some relevant call activities are witnessed in $DoorDash, which is mainly triggered by the movement on the call it made on June 21. 

Coinbase has proven to be resilient and adaptable in the face of the difficulties presented by the cryptocurrency bear market, establishing itself as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States and a major participant in the digital asset ecosystem.

Coinbase Stock Trades at $279.65, As Investor Interest Rise

Investors have rushed to Coinbase’s stock as the price of Bitcoin rises, seeing the company as a stand-in for exposure to the larger cryptocurrency market. The increase in the value of Coinbase’s stock and the price of Bitcoin both highlight the changing attitudes and growing confidence of investors in the cryptocurrency space.


Recent observation shows that investors are beginning to see the potential for long-term value creation in digital assets and cryptocurrency-related enterprises amid the market’s inherent volatility and unpredictability. The recovery of Bitcoin and Coinbase’s return to profitability is evidence of the market’s durability and maturation.

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Coinbase is trading at $279.65, which is the highest it has attained from the last cryptocurrency bull run in November 2021. Data from Nasdaq says that the price of the company stock has also risen by 44% after going up by 346% in 2023. Coinbase stock traded at $381 during its debut after it went public in April 2021 but dipped to $200 in 2022 as a result of the cryptocurrency bear market. 

Another Data Shows Coinbase Shares Rose by 9.47%, Expert Warns

Analysis by Mat Di Salvo on Decrypt says that Coinbase’s performance is seen as a gauge for the state and expansion of the larger digital asset ecosystem as it works to maintain its position as the top cryptocurrency exchange. However, the contract volume of $DoorDash was put at 43,053 after its open interest of 527.

Mat added that the cryptocurrency market is about to enter a new stage of expansion and development as the price of Bitcoin keeps rising, which is reflected in the rise in Coinbase stocks. He warned that given the continuous volatility of the market and the uncertainties surrounding regulations, investors need to be cautious and alert.

Data from Moomoo says that Coinbase shares increased by 9.47% after closing at $279.71, while the options trading volume was recorded at 0.27 million. The contract call accounted for 59% of the gross trading volume. The highest traded call is priced at $300, with the total volume at 11,909 to expire on April 19. The open interest is set at 6,241. 

Cryptocurrency Community Welcomes Development, As BTC Pushes Up by 8%

Coinbase, this month, released it’s result for the fourth quarter of 2023, showing $273.4 million in profit. Coinbase, in early March, announced that it is engaging in a $1 billion private sale of senior notes for its institutional investors.

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This development was welcomed as good news for the cryptocurrency community amid the recent struggle by Coinbase to keep its systems working during the last bull run. As of press time, data from CoinGecko reported that Bitcoin went up by 8% in the previous 24 hours to sell at $70,631.

This is the second time in March the coin has crossed the $70,000 price mark, having reached an all-time high of $73,737 on March 14. The data also showed that Bitcoin has gone up by 60% from the beginning of the year, as against the  $45,000  it started with. However, Bitcoin market capitalization is at $1,379,152,637,862, after recording $39,435,537,798 (a 4.02 fall) in trading volume. 

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