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Crex24 Review – Is Crex24 Scam or Legit?

Crex24 Exchange Rating
Read our Crex24 review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Crex24 review before you sign up with the exchange.
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Crex24 Review

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Crex24 is an Estonian crypto currency exchange that is poised to deliver profitable cryptocurrency trading and investment opportunities to all crypto traders around the world. The platform was launched in 2017. the exchange service is managed and monitored by Crex24 OÜ, a registered corporation (reg. number 14419665) under the Estonian government.

Bitcoin and other leading Cryptocurrency assets have been at the headlines of top financial news stories for days. This is as a result of its impressive market performance overt the past couple of months and weeks. The asset class has been fever pitch, consecutively toping the market charts and raking huge profits for millions of investors all around the world week after week.

Recent technologies in the crypto space have enabled for seamless and effortless integration of Bitcoin and crypto use across various spheres of everyday business processes. Many businesses now accept crypto deposits for bill payments, item purchases, and so on. Developments like these amplify Bitcoin and crypto’s push toward going mainstream on a global scale, thereby creating more market opportunities for traders and investors to harness.

The crypto community and other activities around crypto generate billions of dollars daily. Proactive investors are quickly taking advantage of the various opportunities presented by the asset class and are raking huge profits on their investments daily. One of the popular ways through which investors do this effortlessly is by incorporating the services of a solid, efficient, secure, and reliable exchange services provider.


Whether you are an aspiring investor/trader or a pro with some experience in the crypto space, it is crucial to secure the services of a solid and dependable exchange services provider. This way, you can manage and monitor your financial standing securely and effortlessly while growing your assets in a safe and conducive environment.

While seeking out the right exchange services provider to work with, it is important to note that there are many deceitful exchange services out there. Without careful evaluation and research, it is easy to fall victim of one of their deceitful campaigns. Many times, these shammy companies glaze their products with mouthwatering offerings in an attempt to capture unsuspecting investors and rip them of their hard-earned investments. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting traders and investors fall prey for this and often lose all or a significant amount of their investments and assets.

Thankfully, there are also tons of legitimate exchange services providers who deliver quality, safe, efficient, and reliable exchange services to millions of traders and investors all around the world daily. They provide the security and resources that are needed to successfully mauver the market’s volatility. To add to that, they also provide their users with a range of added services like timely information, hi-tech tools, etc. to help them make more profits, safely navigate risks, and grow their assets quickly and seamlessly.

Every investor’s goal is to maximize profit while growing their financial assets exponentially. To achieve this, one must first partner with a reliable and effective exchange service provider. This is crucial because your exchange provider is your first line of support. They provide you with security, timely information, and any other assistance you may need to succeed in the crypto space.

Timely information, expert trading tools, and security are critical for the success of any investor. Where any of these are lacking, the investor can experience significant losses. For instance, if trading tips and indicators arrive late, one can make wrong trading choices, or make the right one but a little too late. Security is just as important also. It is useless to amass huge profits if you’re going to lose them to the next cyber-attack. Also, your exchange provider should equip you with advanced tools to help you stay ahead of the curve, navigate risks, and make profits effortlessly. When selecting an exchange service, all of these must be put into consideration.

Researching on your own can be a difficult and cumbersome task. You may have to go through weeks of intense research and seek relevant advice before finding the right candidate. However, through this post, we intend to take away that stress because our expert team is always working around the clock, researching and analyzing to seek out quality and reliable exchange service providers. Today, we will introduce you to Crex24, a reputable, secure, and efficient exchange service provider with a remarkable track record and a plethora of tools and resources to help you achieve your investment goals effortlessly.

Crex24 website

This review on Crex24 will be comprehensive and straight to the point. Our aim is to provide you with relevant information to help you arrive at an excellent and well-informed decision.

LocationHeadquarters – Estonia Global Team – Japan, Russia, Turkey, Europe, Korea, Brazil
Total Trading Pairs268
Margin TradingYes
Digital Assets187+
Do you need an account?Yes
Authentication protocol?Required
Levels of Verification3 tiered Verification
Trading/Exchange PlatformMobile App, Web
Payment MethodsCrypto, Fiat, Credit Card
Deposit FeesModerate
Trading FeesYes
Withdrawal FeesYes
Withdrawal Fees DiscountTiered Discount System
Fiat DepositYes
Customer Servicee-mail, FAQ, Telephone, Live chat
24 hours Trading Volume93,83 7.3 BTC
Native TokenN/A
Stable Coins TradingN/A
Daily Withdrawal LimitN/A
Native Token Smart ContractN/A
Trading MarketsYes
Proof of ReservesYes

Crex24 is Estonia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange service provider launched in 2017. The exchange service platform is monitored and managed by Crex24 OÜ, a registered corporation (reg. number 14419665) under the Estonian government. It is not commonplace to see an exchange disclose the details of their managing corporation on their website. This is a good sign as it indicates the positive intentions of the exchange. In many cases, it is a sign that the exchange is less likely to have fraudulent intents.

Crex24 offers quite a hefty selection of trading pairs. The platform features all the top cryptocurrencies as well as small to medium-sized cryptocurrencies and altcoins, making for a vast array of options for investors to chose from.

This exchange is popular for four distinguishing characteristics: Security, Affordable Commission Rates, Fiat Deposit Support, and Growing Functionality.

Why Crex24?

Crex24 offers a vast array of features that make it an excellent trading and exchange service provider to millions of users around the world.

  • Professional Trading View

Different exchanges provide different trading views depending on what they are trying to offer their users. There is no one-size-fits-all view. So, before deciding on what exchange service to partner with, you should also consider their trading view to know if it is suitable for you.

Crex24 provides two trading view variants on their website. The first features a compact design that comprises a comprehensive lineup of tools and menu options on the exchange platform. This view is perfect for pro investors and traders that want to see every detail on the screen without missing out on anything.

The second view offers a more simplistic and minimalist outlook. Here, users are specifically presented with only the necessary tools and menu options they need to make a trade and a select other options. The aim is to provide more focus on trading without the distractions of other cumbersome functionalities. This view is excellent for investors and traders that are new to the crypto space.

Both views also feature the order book (or at least some part of it), the order history, the price chart, and Buy and Sell menu options.

  • Faucet Support

One advantage Crex24 brings to the table is the fact that they have their own faucets. With this technology, users can request specific cryptocurrencies at no additional cost. Usually, because of time limit, you can only make a specific number of requests. The time interval is usually between five minutes to seven minutes (meaning you can make a new request every five to seven minutes) up to one day. However, Crex24 faucets changes that, allowing users to make more requests free of charge.

  • Trading Fees

Trades usually occur between two parties: The Maker (who places an order in the order book prior to the trade), and the Taker (who “matches” or places an order that corresponds with that of the Maker, i.e. “Takes” the order of the Maker). The Makers are responsible for the liquidity in the market while the Takers remove this liquidity by “taking” the orders of the makers.

On Crex24, both parties are charged flat fees (meaning that the Makers and Takers are charged the same fees per transaction). There are a few instances where slight variations can occur, with respect to the selected trading pairs. However, Crex24 charges 0.20% flat trading fees from both Maker and Takers. This percentage is in line with global standards, which currently stand at 0.25%.

  • Withdrawal Fees

Crex24 charges a withdrawal amount of 0.00042 BTC when a user withdraws BTC. This amount is 30% lower than the average industry rate which currently stands at 0.0006 BTC per BTC withdrawal. As such, Crex24 fees are quite competitive and affordable compared to global industry standards.

  • Deposit Methods

Crex24 offers various payment options including crypto, Fiat (wire transfer), and credit cards. This ranks the platform as an entry-level exchange platform (meaning that new or ”entry-level” investors can kickstart their crypto journey without purchasing crypto from a third-party provider. This makes Crex24 an excellent exchange provider for new investors.

  • Security

Crex24 utilizes a lineup of the latest tools and technological updates available within the crypto space to maintain and manage its source code applications on both its web and server platforms. First, all users are obligated to create a strong password. The password is then cryptographically hashed with the help of Crex24 hi-tech systems. Once a user is inactive on the platform, they are automatically logged out and their session’s history is deleted automatically. This, and other similar measures help to prevent any form of unauthorized access to user accounts.

Furthermore, Crex24 also incorporates additional security technologies like Google Authentication, SSL technology, Two Factor Verification, and a range of other hi-tech security infrastructures.

  • Isolated Server Technology

Crex24 incorporates server isolation technology as an additional layer of security to safeguard user assets and data. Each server is completely isolated and can only be accessed through a predefined set of complex rules that are unique to the exchange platform’s private network. Not only that, the system requires multiple layers of gateways before access is granted to user data, or to perform any transactions on user funds. This makes Crex24 one of the most secure crypto exchange service providers in Estonia and around the world.

  • Multi-Sig Wallets

This is a new advanced wallet technology where more than one key is required in order to authorize a digital transaction. The technology helps to ensure that transaction responsibilities are delegated in order to make sure that all transactions are legitimate.

Thanks to the integration of multi-sig technology, Crex24 can execute more complicated transactions, instead of the traditional single signature transactions that are accepted by most crypto platforms. The technology enables Crex24 to execute complex transactions that require signatures of multiple peers.

  • Two-way Authentication Factor

Also known as 2FA, this technology is an additional hi-tech security measure that designed to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts, digital wallets, and funds on Crex24. The system basically requires two forms of identification from anyone trying to gain access to user accounts. It would first require your unique password, and then, an authentication code.

2FA is the current global industry standard for exchange platforms. The technology helps to ensure that user accounts are safe from intruders because the system will also require access to your mobile device (or email account, if the option is permitted on your settings).

  • Suspicious Activity Logger

Crex24 makes a comprehensive list of all log activities of its users. Any suspicious activity on a user’s account will immediately initiate a “put on hold” protocol on the affected account. Such an account will have to pass through administration review and verification before it can be released to the user.

Some suspicious activities include logging in to a user’s Crex24 exchange account from multiple locations within a short period of time, or through an unrecognized IP address, among others. There are also a number of other activities that could constitute illegal or suspicious account activity.

  • DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are becoming a regular threat on exchange service platforms. A range of measures can be implemented to prevent against such attacks. Crex24 integrates top-standard CDN technologies to distribute its content. This method is an effective security strategy which also helps to prevent DDoS attacks. This way, the exchange platform cannot be disabled by hackers and they cannot interfere with any activity on the platform.

  • 256-bit End-to-End SSL Installments

As an additional layer of security, Crex24 incorporates 256-bit end-to-end SSL encryption technologies. This measure helps to ensure that every communication that originates from the web browser and is relayed to Crex24 various servers are cryptographically secured. This makes it difficult for such communications to be deciphered or altered before getting to their destinations.

  • System Wallets

Crex24 incorporates a 3-factor advanced wallet system technology that helps to keep users’ assets and transactions safe.

COLD WALLET: The cold wallets are securely kept offline across offline locations where they are safe from internet and cyber access. Before any access is granted, users will have to pass through a series of verification and authorization processes. In some cases, the authorization of two Crex24 executives may be required.

This process helps to protect the exchange platform from hacker intrusion and breach.

HOT WALLET: This wallet helps to facilitate proper accounting of digital currencies, especially when there is an influx of deposit requests from millions of Crex24 users around the world.

WARM WALLETS: This wallet takes care of the daily cash flow of the Crex24 platform. It facilitates the day-to-day operations of the exchange platform, including data stored in the platform’s digital secret vault.

  • Low Commission Fees for Active Users

Crex24 seeks to provide profitable and affordable cryptocurrency trading for all its users. Commission rates on the platform depend on the currency and method incorporated to make withdrawals or deposits. Commission rates can go as low as 1% depending on the method and nature of the transaction.

Rebate payments are rare. However, the platform fully supports all investors who place orders to Buy or Sell, and pay the incurred fee to market Makers.

Investors who conclude market orders will be charged commissions according to the volume of their trade. The higher the trade’s volume, the lower the commission, and vice versa. The minimum commission for this category is 0.06%.

  • Growing Functionality

Crex24 puts their customers’ experience at the forefront of their design and development strategies. To this end, ease of use, especially for data presentation and analysis is a top priority. The company believes that “cryptocurrency trading is an upcoming and growing industry” and so, Crex24 is quickly developing its strategies in response to their user demands.

The company has a dedicated team that monitors the trends and needs of the market, and so, the dev team does its best to develop and deliver its features accordingly. To achieve this, the company implements modern technologies to improve quote analysis and other important aspects in order to help users make better and more accurate trading decisions. This way, Crex24 users can access any given situation with the most reliable and effective tools. Hence, the dev team is always working to integrate more relevant updates and functionalities.

Some of the additional functionalities available to Crex24 users include:

  • Ability to select graph type
  • Ability to chose between 70 indicator types
  • Option to set time limits
  • Ability to change the entire interface by up to 40 parameters, and more.

Crex24 Exchange Rating
Read our Crex24 review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Crex24 review before you sign up with the exchange.
Account Types
Trading Speed
Customer Service

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