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Staking is an up-to-date way to create passive income. However, the amount of profit depends more on the staking technology and to a lesser extent on the chosen cryptocurrency, the working platform.

staking 2.0 Cross Staking

Cross-chain Staking (Cross Staking) is a second-level protocol solution based on the ‘Plasma’ framework. From a technical point of view this technology has a huge potential for development, it is actively supported by Matrix Network developers. With the help of Cross Staking, providers can work on Proof-of-Work technology with less environmental damage. At the same time, staking providers got the opportunity to freeze virtual tokens on the main chain, activate them in a separate chain, where staking is carried out.

Using the Cross Staking technology, owners of virtual tokens can delegate their assets and get more profit in the future. This technology is actively used by such well-known providers as OREOL STAKING and PRIME STAKE.

Global mission


Cross Staking can be called an alternative, and the overall goal of this technology is to help and develop the crypto industry so that it gradually switches to a more environmentally friendly way of working, with minimal damage to the environment. The relevance of the technology can be traced by the mood of many countries of the world that have banned mining in their territories due to the fact that it causes significant harm to nature.

Important! The widespread introduction of the Cross Staking technology into the crypto industry will make it more secure and minimize the use of energy resources. At the same time, performance indicators will remain at the same level.

Profitable mining of various virtual currencies

One of the indisputable advantages of Cross Staking technology is the elimination of problems associated with the purchase of professional, energy-consuming, expensive equipment that is used for mining. Due to this fact the profitability from the extraction of virtual currencies is significantly increased.

High staking speed

In most cases the speed of staking as well as transactions is very low. When using Cross Staking technology, the speed increases by 3 times compared to obsolete blockchains. Thanks to it modern technology becomes even more attractive and profitable for crypto coin owners as well as staking providers. The profit of coin holders with the introduction of Cross Staking will increase up to 200%. This is possible due to the fact that the sidechain is not involved in the formation of blocks. During the work of Cross Staking data is not blocked, and extra time is not spent on their further unlocking. It is due to this that the overall performance increases.


The disadvantage of standard blockchains that work on PoW technology is that they constantly compete with each other for the use of resources. It is because of this that they have a serious vulnerability to attacks. When it comes to Cross Staking work, the primary and secondary chains get the maximum protection. This is possible through the use of notary nodes.

Improving Energy Efficiency

The environment suffers greatly from the large number of operating cryptocurrency networks. This is due to the fact that for the mining of virtual tokens energy-intensive equipment is used during which millions of kW of electricity are consumed.

According to general statistics, the energy costs associated with Bitcoin mining have increased 4 times over the past 2 years. Scientists have found that 239,65 terawatt-hours will be spent on Bitcoin mining in 2022. The Bitcoin mining network itself takes on 0.5% of the consumption of all the electricity in the world. We must not forget about the many other networks, which also take on a huge consumption of electricity.


Cross Staking is a second-level protocol technology. It can run on any network that uses PoW. To migrate to the advanced technology, staking providers must roll out their sidechains.

At the same time, Cross Staking technology has become more widespread in a short period of time, it already works with the most popular networks:

Cross Staking cryptocurrency staking

The technology has a successful future and active development since it can be used to scale various networks with minimal harm to the environment. It is through the implementation of Cross Staking that the crypto industry will receive a powerful impetus to a more secure and active development.

Relevance of technology use

The fact that the Cross Staking technology appeared is natural for the actively developing area of ​​the crypto industry. The first talk about it began back in 2016, when participants in this market thought about reducing electricity consumption in the mining process. However, initially the new technology was not widely used.

Thanks to the hard work of Matrix Network for several years, technology problems were solved, processes became as safe as possible, and performance increased. Developers signed cooperation contracts with major staking providers quickly.


Today the possibility of creating and receiving passive income working with staking technologies is available to everyone. Staking providers are faced with the task of improving workflows, optimizing mining, and the operation of blockchains. It is due to this that the Cross Staking technology is actively being introduced into the crypto industry, receiving more and more support. The developers of Cross Staking are improving their project every day, working to minimize energy costs for mining cryptocurrencies. You can already start earning tens of interest per month with the help of cross staking with technology providers: Prime Stake and Oreol Staking.

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