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Crypto Analyst Foresees Bitcoin’s ‘Max Pain’ Scenario Amid Rising Prices

As Bitcoin rebounded from its daily low of $40,000 to approximately $44,000, traders and analysts closely monitor its next movements. A well-known crypto analyst, Credible Crypto, has shared insights on the platform X, discussing what he refers to as the “max pain” scenario for Bitcoin’s price

Amidst widespread anticipation for the U.S. SEC’s potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in January 2024, the crypto community is bracing for what could be a significant inflow of both institutional and retail investment into the market.

Credible Crypto Predicts Unique Bitcoin Market Dynamics Ahead

Credible Crypto, a prominent figure in the crypto analysis sphere, has shared a thought-provoking perspective on platform X regarding Bitcoin’s trajectory. He suggests that Bitcoin’s rally to new all-time highs could potentially sideline many traders. 

The crypto community widely anticipates a bullish continuation, especially with the U.S. SEC’s expected approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, possibly by January 2024. This event could trigger a massive influx of both institutional and retail capital into the cryptocurrency market.

However, Credible Crypto warns that the subsequent highs might tempt traders to heavily invest in Bitcoin, potentially at an inopportune time. He foresees that those entering the market at peak levels might face unexpected outcomes, as he predicts Bitcoin will then descend into a prolonged downturn.

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Expanding on this “max pain” scenario, Credible Crypto postulated that Bitcoin might hit new record highs before its next halving event, catching off-guard those betting against it at the $40,000 to $50,000 range. 

He anticipates a significant market downturn post-halving, lasting over five years, which could catch many investors off guard as they might expect a shorter bullish cycle. This perspective offers a cautionary outlook for investors considering entry points and market cycles in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Analyst Foresees Market Correction as Crucial for Industry’s Longevity

The analyst Credible Crypto highlighted that the crypto industry has been experiencing a macro uptrend for over a decade. In his view, a potential multi-year downturn would play a vital role in the market’s overall health, as it could eliminate weaker or “junk” assets, mirroring a natural market cycle.

Drawing parallels with historical market events, the strategist likened the potential scenario in the crypto space to the dot-com bust of the early 2000s. This period, although challenging, paved the way for a multi-decade bull run in the tech industry, leading to the emergence of powerhouse companies. 

He anticipates a similar trajectory for the crypto market, where a significant correction could set the stage for a prolonged period of growth. This phase would be instrumental in establishing the leading entities of the crypto world, akin to the Googles, Apples, and Amazons of the tech industry.

Credible Crypto Forecasts Dramatic Rise and Fall for Bitcoin

Credible Crypto has also made a bold prediction regarding the future price trajectory of Bitcoin. He anticipates a parabolic ascent of the leading digital currency to a staggering $180,000, followed by the onset of a significant bear market phase.

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This prediction appears to be grounded in the principles of the “Elliott Wave Theory,” a century-old technical analysis framework. This theory conceptualizes a price cycle as consisting of two distinct phases: a five-wave uptrend pattern and a three-wave corrective sequence.

According to Credible Crypto’s analysis, Bitcoin is poised to experience an explosive surge in its price, potentially reaching the $180,000 mark during its five-wave bullish cycle.

However, this meteoric rise is expected to be followed by a sharp downturn, ushering in a prolonged bearish period in the market. This forecast provides a speculative but intriguing glimpse into the possible long-term movements of Bitcoin’s value.

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