(BTC) Bitcoin News TodayAltcoinCryptocurrencyExchanges & BrokersNews Has Announced Global Partnership With VISA That Also Includes Principal Membership recently revealed its global alliance with VISA. The collaboration also included a premium membership for inside the VISA network located in Australia.

The VISA Card from is already very popular around the world, exposed to the United States, Europe, Canada, and more. This affiliation will help to expand the exposure of the cryptocurrency market to more and more users around the world. More reach means that a more viable and easily fundable upgrade path can be constructed to help support the VISA Card in acquiring more features.

The advantage of having a premium membership will definitely open many more doors for to work with. The expansion of the VISA Card will bring many new traders and investors from around the world, helping them trade better. VISA Card offerings

Australian users will have the ability to have a direct connection with, helping them with any of the queries or needs they propose. is looking to issue virtual cards to its users in Europe at the start of this month, relieving them from the hassle of waiting for a physical card to be issued. Users can instantly start to trade without any disturbances.

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Crypto can also be easily converted into standard digital currency, enabling users to pay for anything they like whereever VISA is available. Conversion of crypto into standard digital currency also means that users can use ATM machines as well if they need cash. Additional features also include up to 8% payback on transactions and guaranteed 100% discount on subscription services such as Spotify, Netflix, meaning that these services might be free of cost to use.

With the VISA card offering this much to the users, it is hard to get into any other VISA or MasterCard service. The workability of the Card, especially in terms of its payment methods, is quite frankly unbeatable at this point, making a stable and solid opportunity for many traders and markets.

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