Crypto Exchange Poloniex has decided to Delist Six Coins: the reasons are still unknown

A prominent crypto exchange called Poloniex has announced a major change in the exchange. According to the announcement, they are going to delist six cryptocurrencies from the platform. These cryptocurrencies include Steem (STEEM), Clams (CLAM), GameCredits (GAME), LBRY Credits (LBC), Navcoin (NAV), and Pascal (PASC).

No Reasons has still clear about this delisting

There are no major reasons that have revealed until now about why they have taken this decision to remove these altcoins. However, the original reason behind this move might be unveiled in the next coming days. According to the post published on CLAMClient subreddit, the emails are sent to the users who are holding these six mentioned digital coins on the exchange so that they made necessary arrangements to take their digital assets from the Polonies.


The coins will be disabled on Fixed Time

It is confirmed that the disabling of coins will be done during the whole of October and the first half of November. The time duration will not be extended for trading and withdrawals of tokens. Firstly, trading of NAV, GAME, LBC, PASC, CLAM, and STEEM will be blocked permanently from Oct.15. Secondly, the withdrawals of LBC will be disabled permanently from Oct.28. The withdrawing of CLAM, NAV, PASC, GAME, and STEEM will be blocked forever from Nov.15 onwards.

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According to the directions stated in the announcement:

Please be sure to withdraw your assets before the withdrawal deadlines shown above. To withdraw your assets, visit the Balances page of your account and provide a withdrawal address for the currency you wish to withdraw. In order to withdraw your funds, you must have a balance that is greater than the minimum network fee of that asset.

It is reported to Tokenhell in September that Binance has taken the decision to remove thirty different trading pairs from the Binance platform. This was due to the US strict regulations. Similarly, another prominent exchange called Upbit removed some tokens from the platform due to some fraud issues done through these digital currencies.


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