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Poloniex Review – Is Poloniex Scam or Legit? (Complete review)

Poloniex Exchange Ranking
Poloniex is one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms available in the world now, and they have a presence in many nations of the world. The company has since its inception recorded many success tales by users across the world. Poloniex is definitely the name that should ring when you decide to invest in cryptocurrency assets.

Poloniex Review

The cryptocurrency world keeps expanding every day, and the potentials of trading in the crypto market are limitless. Cryptocurrency is the only currency group that is not tied to the economy of any particular country or continent of the world because it grows irrespective of the happenings in the world. It is what we can almost call an invincible currency.

Financial experts have tapped into the potentials of this amazing market to innovate many ways to invest extensively in the cryptocurrency world.

There are those who make a good living mining cryptocurrency; and no, this is not exactly like mining gold or diamonds, crypto mining involves setting up a system that generates cryptocurrency. Although it is not as simple as that, it is as direct as that – a system that generates cryptocurrency.


There are those who make a good living through the world of cryptocurrency trading. This involves buying a potential cryptocurrency and selling it off at a later time when it increases value, this is also not as simple as it sounds but yes, it’s as direct and straightforward as that.

Poloniex website

Since its start in 2008, the cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of expansion and to a large extent has saved a lot of people from the hassles of economic instability. The cryptocurrency market expansion has brought some very creative ways to trade cryptocurrency into the light.  One of those ways is the crypto-to-crypto assets trading market.

The crypto-to-crypto market trade is in many ways like forex trading. It involves buying some units of a particular cryptocurrency and selling off when its price increases. This sounds quite simple, but the process involves a lot of research, training, speculation and many more technical factors which if they are not put into proper consideration may get the trader into terrible losses.

The crypto-to-crypto market is quite versatile (it is almost as versatile as the number of cryptocurrencies available in the world now), and the versatility requires one to be carefully informed if one is to delve into the crypto-to-crypto market trading circle.

There are many investment exchanges in the world now, and many of them delve into different aspects of financial assets, although some combine one or more classes of assets. Deciding the proper investment exchange for your financial investment needs is almost the same amount of hard work as it would require you to decide which asset class to trade-in.

This is because, in a lot of the many investment exchanges available in the world, there are those who see the opportunity contained within the financial world but may not have the cognate experience to be called successful traders; there are those who disguise as investment exchanges but in truth are just a heartless group of people who are looking for a way to steal the money of others without any plan to deliver any form of service to them.

Every smart trader and investor in the financial market industry knows the importance of having a good and reliable exchange. The services and tools provided by an exchange will to a great extent determine the trading experience of the traders on its platform. In the same manner, the number of trading instruments and assets of trade offered by an exchange to its clients will determine how much profit the traders are able to make, and how many assets and products are available to them to choose from.

If you are one of those who need a reliable, legitimate, and experienced exchange in the financial market, feel free to peruse this review of a legitimate exchange – Poloniex.

Poloniex is one outstandingly unique investment exchange, and they are to a large extent a company that has been tested and proven to deliver on the promises they make to their clients. Please follow along as we review their platform.


Trading accountsMicro account, Standard account, Platinum account, Premium account, and the VIP account
Trading platformWeb-based, Mobile application
Assets coverageCryptocurrency trading,

Crypto-to-crypto Market Trade,Crypto Lending,Crypto Exchange,Crypto Margin Trading

DepositsCrypto wallet
Education and TrainingYes
Parent companyPolo Digital Assets Limited
WithdrawalCrypto wallet

Poloniex is a cryptocurrency based asset trade exchange. Their trade platform is completely cryptocurrency-based. This alone is one of the unique features of Poloniex because unlike many other investment exchanges who deal with a lot of asset options, Poloniex only deals with cryptocurrency trading.  In fact, depositing funds into your Poloniex account requires that you deposit from your cryptocurrency wallet (that is the cryptocurrency that you have saved up in a crypto wallet somewhere), they make no provisions for a bank, debit card or credit card deposits. This single line of the asset class has helped the company really focus and become one of the leading exchanges in the crypto-to-crypto trading market.

Poloniex offers a range of services in the cryptocurrency market, services which include:

Crypto Exchange: This is very similar to the CFD (contract for difference) aspect of forex trading. It involves investing in a dedicated number of crypto units in a particular trade. Like the CFD aspect of forex trade, one can make money either way, either by a particular cryptocurrency losing value or by another gaining value. Profit or loss is determined by the trade possibility of the side one trades for or against.

Crypto Margin Trading: This involves buying some units of a cryptocurrency at a particular value and selling later when the value increases.

Crypto Lending: This involves lending a hand to other verified traders of the Poloniex platform who may be shorthanded crypto wise, the borrower returns the amount with interest.

Poloniex crypto rewards

Poloniex is one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms available in the world now, and they have a presence in many nations of the world (except for some nations whose policies do not allow the freedom of Poloniex to trade). This leading cryptocurrency investment exchange was established in 2014 by Tristan D’Agosta (A USA-based Company in Wilmington, Delaware) and later acquired by Circle Internet Financial limited in 2018. In 2019, Poloniex branched out of the circle to stand out as a company. The parent company name was then changed to Polo Digital Assets LTD.

The company has since its inception recorded many success tales by users across the world.

The company takes the security and protection of the assets, funds, information, and trades of its customers into cognizance and thus employs the best security policies to ensure the safety of these assets from hackers. The exchange firm also ensures that the customers of the company are verified, with the Know Your Customers (KYC) policy.

The exchange firm also provides an avenue for clients of the company to reach out for help and assistance. With the customer support team in place to answer questions and queries, and proffer solutions to customers 24 hours a day, clients of the company rest assured of getting help whenever they need such.

The exchange equally offers multiple trading accounts for clients of the company to choose the account features that suit their investment plans. From newbies to experienced traders, there is a provision for every class of traders on this exchange’s platform.

Poloniex app


Single Class of Trade Assets

Poloniex is a well-known name in the cryptocurrency asset investment class. The company was founded and has continued to be a crypto-to-crypto trading market place. This single line of trade asset, some say limits the success potentials of the users of Polonies, but if one would commit to deep research, one would come to discover that a single class of trade asset takes years and years of trading experience to master (individually) let alone trading for others. In short, the decision of Poloniex to settle for the cryptocurrency class of assets is such that it can allow its users to have a very well guided and focused investment exchange which is not distracted by other asset classes that may or may not be profitable at the moment.

This decision has helped Poloniex to excel in the cryptocurrency trading market. The exchange is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world now and offers trading services that distinguish it as a reliable and experienced exchange. The exchange understands the unique needs of traders in the market, and thus provides them with such tools and needs from time to time. This has led to the exchange being able to record immense user trade success over the years.

 An Extensive Trade Security

According to a statement on their website, Poloniex goes to great lengths to protect user account. They have some very strong security policies to ensure the protection of the funds and assets of the company’s clients. During account registration, Poloniex verifies the intending user’s identity. They are compliant with the AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customers) international security policies.

Poloniex goes to a great extent to verify and confirm user accounts to protect their database of verified users from money laundering and fraudulent transactions.

Poloniex also has another security policy that makes it a very secure platform for trade: the two-factor authentication. This policy works in such a way that the clients of the exchange use a third-party application (Authy or Google Authenticator App). This third-party app will generate a code to use with the user’s email and password to sign in.

Poloniex also has a facial recognition feature that allows for extra security of the trader’s account.

Poloniex is a very safe trading platform for cryptocurrency traders; this is because of all the security measures put in place by the company to make sure their users do not have their funds’ security as another item to add to the list of their worries.

Three Dynamic Ways to Trade Cryptocurrency

Poloniex offers its services in three aspects of the cryptocurrency asset market. These three dynamic options make it possible to profit on the Poloniex platform as a crypto trader. These options include:

Crypto Lending: This in simple terms means loaning out cryptocurrency to other users of Poloniex so it can be returned with interest after a specified time as agreed. The rate of interest is determined by a set of parameters that surround the lending agreement; this is made possible because Poloniex has a very secure platform. The security of their platform has put measures in place to make sure that all users of Poloniex are acutely verified, and so they have a way of making sure the person who lends honors his/her part of the deal.

Crypto Exchange: This is very similar to foreign exchange (forex). Users have the opportunity to trade for or against a cryptocurrency pair (just like the forex trade system) as one of the pairs either rises or depreciates in value. This is very similar to the CFD (Contract For Difference) system of forex. One can make money whether a currency gains or loses value depending on the limits of trade.

Crypto Margin Trading: This is another unique way of making profits within the cryptocurrency asset trading industry. It involves buying some units of a cryptocurrency that has pragmatic potentials of growth and later selling off when the value appreciates to a value that matches one’s goals.

This process is quite easy on the Poloniex trading platform, once the cryptocurrency appreciates in value and reaches the level that the trader wants (or anticipates), he/she lists the cryptocurrency for sale, and right there on the Poloniex platform, other users will buy.

This is a form of trade that is proven and trusted as Cryptocurrency eventually rises over time, the value of the profit one gets from selling the crypto units depend on howling one is willing to wait as well as which currency one is trading in.

These three trade aspects of the cryptocurrency asset trade market hold a limitless range of successful trade opportunities for users of the Poloniex platform. Each of these options holds a dynamic way to profit from crypto assets, and with the right education and strategy, the Poloniex platform can become your financial new dawn.

Years of Trade Success and Experience

Poloniex was founded in 2014, and they have continued to offer services to their customers after five (5) years of its existence. This speaks volumes about the company – a company that came into existence and is still very strong five years down the line. This single fact can attest to the fact that Poloniex is a tested and trusted brand in the cryptocurrency trading industry because it has been through the rigors of the test of time.

The time they say tests everything and you can be sure that a company that has continued to offer services to its users for five years is quite tested. Customer trust has been built into this trading platform over the years, as they are one of the most recommendable cryptocurrency traders in the world today.

 Ease of Access

Poloniex in a bid to make its platform easy to reach has made provisions for users to be able to trade on their web-based platform as well as on mobile platforms. There are a number of mobile devices, and these devices have different configurations that allow for the kinds of applications they can or cannot work with.  In the bid to save money, many trading platforms usually have a mobile app developed for their traders with the android class of mobile devices, but Poloniex has ensured that traders and investors on its platform enjoy easy access to their app, which is available both for android and iOS users.


Finance is one aspect of life that connects the world. Everyone is trying to gain an immeasurable level of financial freedom. One of these ways is through a legitimate money-making avenue known as trading in forex, cryptos, indices, metals, commodities, stock or bonds.

The inception of the crypto form of currency has helped a lot of people achieve their dreams and fulfill their trading and financial goals. The cryptocurrency market is definitely one you want to venture into if your goal is to attain financial freedom as well. There is no need to bother yourself with the technicalities of the market when you have an investment exchange like Poloniex who has all that sorted out for you.

Irrespective of your location across the globe, this exchange has spread its tentacles around the world to offer quality, responsible and legitimate financial exchange services across the globe.

Poloniex is definitely the name that should ring when you decide to invest in cryptocurrency assets.

Poloniex Exchange Ranking
Poloniex is one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms available in the world now, and they have a presence in many nations of the world. The company has since its inception recorded many success tales by users across the world. Poloniex is definitely the name that should ring when you decide to invest in cryptocurrency assets.

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