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Crypto Wallet ZebPay Expands its Singapore’s Chainlysis Software to India

The famous mobile and web-enabled cryptocurrency wallet ZebPay and Chainlysis will now collaborate in India as ZebPay has decided to use Chainlysis software in India as well. ZebPay’s partnership with Chainlysis was limited to Singapore only but now it has been expanded to India.

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ZebPay resumes its services in India

When the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed a ban on cryptocurrency and other crypto-related activities in the country, several crypto brokers and exchanges had to stop providing their services to users including the crypto wallet and exchange ZebPay. It had to move its base from India to Singapore where it is currently providing its wallet and exchange services to users.

But now after the Supreme Court of India has lifted up the ban from the crypto industry, the cryptocurrency wallet has once again started working in India along with other cryptocurrency exchanges.

ZebPay to use Chainlysis Software in India

ZebPay teams up with Chainlysis to expand their partnership to India. Currently, ZebPay is using Chainlysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) Software in Singapore. But now, the crypto wallet will use this software in India by collaborating with Chainlysis. Chainlysis Software helps to track crypto transactions and keep track of other compliance processes.

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The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Chainlysis Jason Bonds comments on their expansion to India and says that they are looking forward to growing their business in India.

“We Believe India Is Poised To Make Advancements For The Cryptocurrency Industry, And Look Forward To Growing Our Business There. We Are Excited To Partner With ZebPay During Such A Historic Time,” Chainlysis CRO said.

The President of ZebPay Avinash Shekar who believes in providing a top-level compliance program also shared good thoughts on the occasion. Avinash Shekar said that they are already very well aware of the investigative capabilities that the Chainlysis Reactor possesses and they know that the automated compliance features of Chainlysis KYT are very powerful. ZebPay President believes that Chainlysis will collaborate with them to set up the expansion in India.


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