New Research Reveals – Data of Over 80K Credit Cards Was Put Up for Sale for Crypto on Dark Web

Stolen Credit Card Data For Sale

The cybersecurity firm ‘Cyble Research Team’ has come up with new interesting research which reveals that the key data related to over 80,000 credit cards from around the whole world was placed on the dark web for sale in exchange for cryptocurrency on May 29. According to the Cyble Research Team’s report, these stolen credit cards include both Visa and MasterCard.

The Data leak involves Credit card details of various countries

The Cyble Research Team stated in its Research report that this data leak of stolen credit cards contained key credit card details of various countries. According to the information collected by the Cyble Research Team, the split of credits cards per country is 33K from the USA, 14K from France, 5K from the UK, 2K from Canada, 1.2K from Singapore, and 1.3K from India.

According to the research report, the credit card information which was put up for sale on the dark web market contains the name of the cardholder, CVV code, and expiration date. Each credit card’s price for the sale was $5 per unit and the money was paid in cryptocurrency.

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Because of the leak of billing information, the research team was able to unveil the country classification. The leaked billing information contained the address of each credit cardholder. Therefore, it was easy for the cybersecurity research team to identify the origin of each credit card, and hence, they were able to classify each card by country.

How hackers manage to steal the data?

The question that everyone is eager to know is how hackers were able to steal such a massive credit card data which include a range of countries.

The Cyble Research team was unable to find from where they had stolen this massive data. However, Cyble believes that hackers might have been able to breach a phishing website or an online store to steal this data.

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