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Crypto YouTubers Are Expecting BTC Price to Soar After Halving

May 2020 Bitcoin halving is expected to affect the top-ranked digital asset Bitcoin. Now only seventeen days are left before the halving event takes place. Crypto YouTubers expect the price value of Bitcoin (BTC) to go very high as soon as the upcoming halving event occurs. Crypto YouTubers are sharing their predictions regarding the price value of Bitcoin in the near future after halving.

Crypto YouTuber ‘The Moon’

The Moon is keeping a close eye on the coming halving even and is also keeping the crypto community in touch with Bitcoin halving. He believes that after quantitative easing (QE), there is the beginning of inflation and firmly believes that Bitcoin’s price will rise. @TheMoonCarl is seeing the price of Bitcoin around $300,000-$400,000 in the next three to four years that is a pretty much long-term price prediction.

Moreover, he says that Bitcoin is going to hit $8000 in seventeen days.

Robert Art is an XRP and Bitcoin investor and a crypto YouTuber. According to him, Bitcoin’s next bull-run is now going to begin and in this bull-run, he says, the price value of Bitcoin will crash as well as surge. In the coming bull market, Bitcoin’s price will first go high then it will crash.

Stock up on Bitcoin and Gold

Christopher Jaszczynski who has a crypto blog on YouTube says that investors and traders need to get ready and stock up on Bitcoin and gold. He claims that the USD money supply reaches its all-time high and money velocity reaches an all-time low which clearly refers to the deflation of USD in the coming days. He says that inflation is going to start because he believes that the deflation of USD has started.

Bitcoin is catching up the attention of investors before halving

The top digital asset is getting the attention of institutional investors every day before Bitcoin halving. Bitcoin investor and Galaxy Digital CEO, Mike Novogratz says that before bitcoin halving, the leading digital asset is having a major inflow of investors.

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