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Cryptocurrencies in 2021: Coins with Highest Returns This Year

GALA registered +32,000% gains, Terra, Solana, Polygon, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and others followed. Here are the top crypto coins that gave staggering returns in 2021. Nevertheless, is one year enough to make a token worthwhile for investment?

Every investor wants good returns after investing. The Crypto market is among the asset class that proved to be volatile and fast-moving this year. The crypto space has a market cap of around $2.2 trillion at the moment. Moreover, stated the financial markets had over 8,000 cryptos as of 2021 December. Also, the industry attracted multiple investors, boasting over 300 million users globally.

Highest Crypto Returns

There are several angles to evaluate returns. Moreover, calculating returns in a volatile asset such as crypto can be challenging crypto investor Ajeet Khurana stated that considering point-to-point returns on crypto investment can result in astronomical profits on occasion.

The ETH-based token gala (GALA) posted the highest gains among the top-100 cryptos this year. The crypto registered over 32,000% surges. Axie Infinity takes the second spot with 18,000%, as Sandbox increased its value by 16,000% in 2021. Terra, Polygon, Solana, Decentraland, Harmony, Kadena, and Fantom have gained between 4,000% and 15,000% on the year (data from Giottus crypto exchange).

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Though the returns remain phenomenal, that isn’t the whole narrative. First and foremost, crypto prices fluctuate frequently and wildly. Moreover, the exit time determines your returns. Khurana stated that most trades attempt frequent selling and buying while timing the market actions. The expert noted that individuals tend to lose money even in surging markets.

What about the Future?

Meanwhile, it does not imply that tokens with astronomical returns in 2021 will repeat the narrative in 2022. Cashaa banking platform CEO Kumar Gaurav advised investors to remain cautious since this is a new industry, and any company or tech can lead at any moment. Ethereum might be the leading coin today, but others like Solana are rising. For now, the asset that would outplay others in the upcoming web3 revolution might see the coming billionaires’ generation. That is according to Kumar Gaurav.

Which was your best-performing crypto in 2021? Comment below.

Eino Kinnunen (Finland)

Eino is a new writer for Tokenhell, he resides in Espoo, Finland and he has been a crypto journalist for over 3 years for various cryptocurrency news agencies.

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