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Cyberpunk 2077’s Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Complete ‘Phantom Liberty’

Following actor Milogost Reczec’s demise, CD Projekt Red utilized artificial intelligence to reinvent Viktor Vektor’s voice in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Recently, Cyberpunk 2077’s introduction of the Phantom Liberty expansion recaptured gamers’ attention. Further, with a game world surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI) that brought Johnny Silverhand, a deceased hero, back to life as an engram, it is sensible for developer CD Projekt Red (CDPR) to utilize the technology for the same real-life intention.

Artificial Intelligence Enables CD Projekt Red Reinvent Viktor Vektor’s Voice

Phantom Liberty Players might fail to know that artificial intelligence was utilized to recreate Viktor Vector’s voice. It was previously played by Milogost Reczek, a Polish voice actor, who died two years ago.

According to a report, CDPR and Respeecher, a Ukraine-founded artificial intelligence tool developer, partnered to recreate the voice of Reczek following his family’s approval.


In Cyberpunk 2077, Vektor is a ‘Ripperdoc’ jargon for a physician capable of installing or removing cyberware. Besides, it is a longtime ally of the game’s central character. The report showed that previously, CD Projekt Red considered substituting the actor. However, it instead opted to utilize AI to maintain the role of the deceased actor in the game.

Mikolaj Szwed, CDPR Localization Director, said that doing so would maintain his performance in the game and celebrate his excellent performance as Viktor Vektor. Earlier this month, CD Projekt Red announced that 25 million copies had been sold by Cyberpunk 2077, and the studio is seeking to create the franchise’s live-action adaption. It remains uncertain if the adaptation will embrace a television series or feature film form.

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Artificial Intelligence Abuse in Creating Deepfakes Hindering its Inherent Potential

The advances in generative AI have resulted in the technology rapidly finding its way into several facades of daily life. The rise of artificial intelligence-created deepfakes capable of imitating an individual’s movements, likeness, and voice is an area that has mesmerized and concerned many, including international leaders.  

Respeecher, established in 2018, utilizes AI to generate artificial recreations of human voices. In 2022, it partnered with the team from Metaphysic, an artificial intelligence imaging developer, to reconstruct Elvis Presley for the ‘America’s Got Talent’ culmination. Lately, Respeecher’s technology was utilized in ‘Goliath,’ a documentary focusing on Wilt Chamberlain, a basketball superstar.

Respeecher’s website indicates that besides TV and film voice replicating services, the firm provides artificial intelligence voice technology for animation, advertising, and games. Examples of games include Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and God of War by Sony. Murf, Speechify, Amazon Web Services, and Resemble are examples of more firms creating artificial intelligence cloning technology.

Screen Actors Guild Sustain Strike Citing Invasive Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence continues to be a factor in the current strike by Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA). In this case, the union and its members are concerned about the possibility of background actors being scanned digitally and getting a one-time fee. Last month, SAG-AFTRA’s interactive media division responsible for covering video game performers approved the strike. In this case, 98 percent voted in the action’s favor.

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Earlier, Ben Prendergast, a voice actor, had said that it seems producers have finally realized that bullying individual actors may be effective. However, the strategy is ineffective when one attempts to push all of them. Ben plays Tyr in God of War: Ragnarok and Fuse in Apex Legends.

Despite being worried about usage and compensation, Ben claimed he is not concerned about the loss of his job to AI. Specifically, he said that the technology is incapable of writing and later producing with his voice in a manner that he can do it. He also added that his artistry determines how he chooses to do a line and that his experience enables him to know its resonation with the other character and the thing being done.

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