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Dating Application Tool Improved with Artificial Intelligence to Avert Catfishing

Avast highlights an old tool that has acquired new tricks, utilizing artificial intelligence to become better at managing romantic frauds on dating applications.

Artificial Intelligence Facilitating Creation of False Profiles and Exploiting Unwary Users

Avast, a cybersecurity company, is calling out a popular tool that has troubled dating applications and has been improved using artificial intelligence (AI). This has improved its capability to create false profiles and exploit unwary users.

Despite Avast using the nickname ‘LoveGPT’ to refer to the app, this is not the name of the software under consideration. Additionally, it lacks any association with numerous websites and applications referred to as LoveGPT, which also lack the abilities highlighted by Avast.

This tool should be installed and operated locally on a Windows machine. Visual Basic, a programming language by Microsoft that has existed since the 90s, is utilized in the tool’s coding. Despite its legacy origin, the alleged ‘LoveGPT’ app has grown over the years. More functions and add-on modules have been included to improve its engagement and scamming of dating app utilizers.


According to a report, the firm identified a tool that offers comprehensive functionality over numerous dating platforms, for instance, the ability to make false accounts, avoid CAPTCHA, cooperate with victims, and use proxies and browser anonymization tools to deidentify access.

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Expertise Technical Skills Necessary to Install and Run Modules

The application is not for starters, meaning technical skills are needed to install and utilize all its modules effectively. When running, it scans several dating sites and hides behind anonymization tactics. Additionally, it interacts with unwary users across different channels. It was recently improved with artificial intelligence to enhance its efficacy in generating the most suitable profile to attract matches and entice individuals into scams.

Currently, the application generates its interactions using GPT-3.5 turbo LLMs and OpenAI’s DaVinci. Despite the models being less advanced than GPT-4, they are inexpensive. Avast claims that ‘LoveGPT’ can develop believable false profiles on at least 13 dating platforms while clearing out users’ information such as data, photos, and text. 

It uses age groups to classify users, possibly to enhance the generation of genuine false profiles for targeted manipulation. The tool utilizes several databases to store information such as chats, email addresses, and profiles. Additionally, the databases run a log of messages generated using artificial intelligence.

To stay unidentified and invisible, ‘LoveGPT’ utilizes virtual telephone numbers, proxy services, and anti-fingerprinting tools. Additionally, it can send emails from false accounts and evade CAPTCHAs. Basically, it comprises an all-embracing toolkit that one can utilize to swindle and catfish users on dating applications.

Male Dating Application Users Integrate AI to Enhance Dating 

This is an appropriate revelation, mainly when a current AttractionTruth survey showed that 20% of male dating application users embrace artificial intelligence to enhance their dating chances. Besides, earlier reports show that some individuals readily pay for artificial intelligence-driven imaginations since they find the tailored illusion convincing.

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Findings by Trend Micro, a cybersecurity research company, show that criminals often utilize romantic scams, which rank among 2023’s top five scams. Amid artificial intelligence tools such as ‘LoveGPT’ making headway into online deception, the old-fashioned scams still maintain the lead.

Digital Casanovas Rescues Abuse of Dating Applications from Flirting Coaches and Scammers

OpenAI failed to reply to a request for a comment. However, it is notable that in 2022, the firm presented a moderation tool to aid developers in addressing the misutilization of vast language models, for instance, ChatGPT. 

As bereft singles sign up for artificial intelligence as flirting coaches and scammers utilize the technology to swindle them, it would be necessary for users of dating applications to watch for artificial, digital Casanovas. Genuineness and trust might end up being the final stimulant.

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