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David Schwartz Leaves the Entire Ripple Community Puzzled

A tweet from Ripple’s Chief Tech Officer has puzzled most people in the Ripple online community. This tweet came when the company’s Ledger creator and top executives made a joke yesterday about how they peed in a pool. In the tweet, David Schwartz: the Chief CTO, said that he heard one could pee in a pool full of co-swimmers and nobody would notice.

As funny as this tweet might be, the Ripple community found it rather weird; some laughed it off for what it was. It has also continued to generate more reactions from all corners of the crypto industry. According to some comments that followed the tweet, they believe there may be more to it than just David peeing in the pool. While others see the tweet in a literal sense, others believe it is cryptic.

After studying some of these tweets, those who believe the said joke is a cryptic message went ahead to explain that the pool David mentioned was the “liquidity pool” and not a swimming pool as most people think. This has sparked so much online debate that some other ‘tweeps’ believe it doesn’t have any such connection.

There has also been an analytical tone to this tweet as experts have dabbled into it. Popular industry analysts believe that Mr. David Schwartz’s tweet may be cryptic after all, referencing the ongoing testing of some AMM, also called the automated market maker specially designed for XRP Ledger.


It was disclosed that when describing the function of this new testing, David was heard saying that the AMM system can offer special benefits to each user. According to him, one of the benefits is helping users with single-sided “liquidity.” The last word of this statement is said to have a direct connection to the estranged tweet by David Schwartz; hence, it might be a cryptic message after all.

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And Hoskinson Gets Involved

As the tweet kept gathering momentum, prominent names in the industry kept picking interest. One such name is Charles Hoskinson: the Cardanor boss himself. Mr. Hoskinson’s reaction was said to be cordial as he went ahead to appreciate it as a mere joke with no deeper meaning. He was reported saying that it is just another way he (David) has decided to share his personal story.

 Mr. Hoskinson laughed it off, describing it as the best tweet he had seen the whole day. Stories also have it that Hoskinson once had a rocky relationship with the  XRP community in the past. But it seems that the tweet has given him the opportunity to acquit himself of the malice he has previously been accused of.

Hoskinson’s comment on the position of SEC and Ethereum had made him the most misunderstood person in the industry and was widely seen as weird among the XRP community. Also, recall that sometime in December last year, Mr. Hoskinson was reported to say that he won’t be commenting on the XRP topic. He was also recorded saying that he would stay away from any XRP community that doesn’t offer any technical importance or an opportunity for partnership.

It Might Be a Bait Post

On the other hand, comments coming from other social media camps suggest that this is a deliberate attempt by David Schwartz to lure Charles Hoskinson. They also assert that their relationship has been odd since whatever transpired between them in December. This group of Twitter users believes that David was just trying to reach out to a friend they believe may be having some grudges against him – and from the look of things, he may have succeeded. 

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Other prominent figures who commented on the tweet with their fun-fare stories are Tiffany Hayden, a politician and the Libertarian party member who had recounted her childhood experience with the mother. More comments by popular figures from in and outside the crypto industry are still coming in, as the post is still trending at the time of this report.

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