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Decred Price analysis: the Next target of DCR is $25

Decred Price analysis : The trend line of Decred is hovering above the 70-days moving average that is showing a good move by the token. However, the trending line is dumping currently which is not the signal of bearish trend because there is only -1.51% change is seen in 24 hours that will not count in the bad practices.

Decred News and Events

The privacy meet up of Decred community is going to held on 10th September in the Netherlands:

Tuesday 10 September there will be a public talk about #Decred’s new privacy technology.

The team of Decred project has released its privacy system, according to the tweet:

Ladies and gentlemen, pull up a seat, allow me to introduce myself before you speak… It’s Decred.”#Decred #Privacy has arrived.

Decred Coin Statistics

The market capitalization is testing at $255,438,241 USD and 24-hours volume is standing at $8,718,996 USD. 10,359,606 DCR tokens are in circulation out of total 21,000,000 DCR.

Decred Price

The price value of DCR is standing at $24.66 at the time of writing.

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Performance in Q1 and Q2 of 2019

The coin has performed well in the first two quarters of 2019 as you can see below in the given chart. In Q1, there was not a satisfactory rally noticed as the price was progressing up and down around the mark of $16. From the mid of March to the start of April, it had soared to $25 covering a great distance in the upward direction.

The second quarter marked with a great rally as the coin rate went above $30, a good recovery on the part of the token. This profitable retracement did not keep its track and started to fall down.

Decred Price Prediction

There is a strong support level at 23.55 that is supposed to hit the trending line upward. In case it failed to cease it, the rate will dip more in the bearish trend and the next support level is standing at 22.21.

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According to our technical analysis, the next target of DCR is $25 after rebounding from the support level of 23.55.

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