Deutsche Bank Joins Forces with Taurus and Teylor for SME Financial Inclusion

Key Insights:

  • Deutsche Bank, Taurus, and Teylor revolutionized SME financing with blockchain-based tokenization, enhancing credit access.
  • Euro-denominated stablecoin AllUnity will launch in 2024, aligning with the EU’s MiCAR laws for digital asset regulation.
  • Teylor’s tokenization on Taurus’ TDX platform creates new investment opportunities, democratizing private debt markets for SMEs.

Revolutionizing SME Financing Through Blockchain Technology

Deutsche Bank has joined forces with Taurus and Teylor in a notable development within the financial sector. This collaboration aims to improve credit accessibility for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by utilizing blockchain-based tokenization technology. The primary objective is to reshape the private debt market, a historically formidable domain for SMEs to enter. By deploying this innovative technology, the partnership seeks to foster a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem for these enterprises.

Taurus, a leader in digital asset trading, boasts a significant market share in Switzerland. Additionally, it holds a prestigious FINMA license. Taurus’ TDX platform will host the newly minted tokens, creating a vibrant secondary market. Significantly, this development marks a first in the tokenization of a private debt portfolio in Luxembourg.

Teylor, a Swiss fintech, is at the forefront of this innovation. The company specializes in creating and managing loans for SMEs. By tokenizing a portion of its credit portfolio on the Taurus platform, Teylor opens up new avenues for investors. Moreover, this move ensures a secure and blockchain-based secondary market. Patrick Stäuble, CEO of Teylor, emphasizes the importance of offering a standardized investment product. Hence, even smaller investors can now participate in private debt markets.

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Expanding the Digital Currency Landscape with Euro-Denominated Stablecoin

The collaboration between Taurus and Teylor is not the only venture Deutsche Bank is involved in. The bank is also partnering with Galaxy Digital and Flow Traders to launch a euro-denominated stablecoin. Named AllUnity, this stablecoin aims to cater to institutional, corporate, and private users. Set to launch in April 2024, it aligns with the EU’s new MiCAR laws, signaling a significant step in regulatory clarity in the digital asset space.


This initiative holds immense global significance, particularly in light of the formidable obstacles that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) encounter when seeking conventional bank loans. According to data from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an annual financing deficit of $5.2 trillion for SMEs in developing nations exists. This considerable shortfall serves as a significant impediment to progress and inventive economic practices in these emerging economies. In this context, tokenization has the potential to serve as a transformative force in addressing these challenges.

Taurus and Teylor Pioneer Tokenisation in the Private Debt Market

Lamine Brahimi, Managing Partner at Taurus, highlights the historical illiquidity of SME private debt. However, the Teylor token on TDX changes this dynamic, allowing for smaller investment commitments and traceability. This innovation integrates seamlessly into Taurus’ ecosystem of regulated financial service providers.

The CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, notes the natural evolution of digital currencies in the global payment system. Europe, he points out, is leading the charge in secure digital money solutions. The introduction of a stablecoin denominated in euros aligns with this trend. It opens the digital asset space to a broader range of global investors.

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This collaboration between Deutsche Bank, Taurus, and Teylor marks a notable change in the financial sector, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Traditionally, SMEs have faced constraints due to limited funding options. However, this new initiative offers them an alternative path to obtain credit. This advancement has the potential to address the substantial financing gap that has previously impeded the growth of these businesses, signaling a more inclusive financial landscape.

The partnership between Deutsche Bank, Taurus, and Teylor, alongside their other ventures, represents a monumental step in financial technology. This endeavor serves to democratize the realm of private debt markets with a particular focus on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Its overarching objective is to create an environment conducive to pioneering solutions within the wider financial sector. Consequently, this undertaking possesses the potential to fundamentally transform the landscape of SMEs’ credit acquisition and management, marking the onset of a novel epoch characterized by enhanced financial inclusivity and a surge in innovative financial practices.

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