Dogecoin Can Now Be Bought In The US Using 1800 Crypto ATMs Installed All Over The Country

Dogecoin is among the best of the altcoins among Ethereum, Ripple, and the lot, which is worth something and working nicely even during this crypto tumble. Another milestone for the Dogecoin is that only recently, CoinFlip, a Bitcoin ATM provider, has confirmed that Dogecoin can be bought from various states of America using the same crypt ATM joints people use for the sake of getting their hands on Bitcoin. This shed some light on the legitimacy of the Dogecoin and confirms that CoinFlip is rather determined to turn Dogecoin around and work for its ambient growth and stability in the upcoming months.

Dogecoin’s Popularity Making Big Waves

CEO of the crypto ATM provider Daniel Polotsky says that this step will make the availability of not only Dogecoin but other cryptocurrencies more accessible and convenient for the users as the company is looking forward to doing the same with other cryptocurrencies but in a dedicated manner. The statement had further to add that due to the overall acceptability and adoption of the Dogecoin, we have taken steps to ensure that Dogecoin is among the list of the coins and cryptocurrencies that we will continue to support as time passes and it will have full support from CoinFlip.

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Crazy Celebrity Base for Dogecoin

Dogecoin has received validation and support from various celebrities and financial institutions from around the globe. The most prominent among the list would have to be Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX. Musk has confirmed at various instances that, in fact, he is a supporter of Dogecoin and even came out to provide support for the individuals who were ready to sell their fair share of Dogecoin tokens instead of holding onto them.

Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency in the world with such wild support and raving community because Dogecoin has taken over the world of cryptocurrency with a crazy fan following. This great initiative that has been put into action by FlipCoin will only bring betterment for the journey that Dogecoin has to take. During such a volatile state the crypto market is in, this was, without any doubt, a breath of fresh air.

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