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Dubai Witnesses Massive Influx of Indian Crypto Firms Amid Favorable Laws

The crypto market in Dubai is currently witnessing a massive influx of cryptocurrency firms from India as they reportedly migrate to the United Arab Emirates in large numbers, fleeing the heavy crypto tax rules and regulatory uncertainty that plague the crypto market in India to enjoy the favorable policies guiding the conduct and operations of crypto firms in Dubai.

According to the report, stringent tax laws placed on crypto transactions alongside the uncertain legal framework on cryptocurrency are reportedly taking their toll on cryptocurrency traders and investors in India as they lose a considerable portion of their profits to taxes. The situation has forced investors to reduce their crypto activities, significantly reducing the trading volume of the Indian crypto market and consequently impacting the activities of firms offering crypto-related products and services.

As a result, reports reveal that crypto firms and exchanges are now fleeing India in massive numbers to settle down in Dubai, which is perceived to have more favorable crypto policies as well as a business-friendly environment to facilitate crypto development.

UAE and India Have Different Regulatory Status

In addition, the RBI Remittance Survey published in 2021 revealed that about 18% of the UAE’s $110 billion international remittance inflow was generated by the Indian expatriates living in the country. This statistic highlights the significant financial interconnection that the UAE shares with India, transcending into Web3 and blockchain industries. Furthermore, the report reveals that bilateral trade between them has also increased exponentially to $85 billion as of 2023, depicting their developing economic communion.


Meanwhile, a report showed that the recent development of Indian crypto firms migrating to the UAE might have been prompted by the huge regulatory differences between the two nations. The chief executive officer at CoinDCX exchange, Sumit Gupta, pointed out that the existence of clearer regulations and significant community support in Singapore and Dubai makes them a preference for crypto companies to set up their businesses. 

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This remark is subtly referencing the recent stringent laws implemented by the Indian government, which demand a 30% tax on all profits made trading crypto with an additional 1% TDS on transactions bigger than 10,000 rupees. These movements reportedly led to the downturn of the crypto market in the country.

DMCC Attracts Massive International Business

In addition, CEO Gupta highlighted that even though India has the highest local crypto adoption rates, investors in the region execute their trading activities through foreign-based exchanges due to the exorbitant tax policies. On the other hand, Dubai offers a more friendly business environment to crypto firms and investors with its low tax policies and favorable crypto regulatory framework.

Furthermore, reports showed that the country’s commercial hub, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), is the target of most immigrant firms as it currently accommodates over 23,000 firms with many emerging from India. A business development expert at DMCC, Belal Jassoma, highlighted the role of Dubai in attracting different global businesses, as it gradually transforms into a global hub. 

The same pattern of development is noticeable in the crypto world as many countries such as the Middle East and North Africa are transforming into major players in the crypto industry. Recently, these two regions reportedly recorded a whopping $400 billion in transactions related to digital assets.

Dubai Positions Itself as Global Crypto Frontrunner

The recent development in these areas points out that the ease of setting up businesses as well as favorable tax policies are keys to attracting crypto firms; however, it also reveals that having a stable and comprehensive regulatory framework for digital assets can be a massive boost and magnet to attract crypto companies and investors. This is evident in the current case as unstable regulations and harsh tax policies continue to drive investors and firms out of India and towards the UAE, which has a more stable regulatory standard, positioning it as a haven for the global crypto markets.

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As Dubai continues to uphold its friendly interaction with the crypto industry, it cements its position as a frontrunner and global hub in the crypto industry. Its flourishing market testifies to the significance of regulatory clarity and a supportive community. Also, Dubai’s welcoming approach to cryptocurrency is restructuring the landscape of the digital assets industry, showcasing a global shift towards countries that provide a conducive business environment for blockchain and crypto innovation.

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