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ECXX Review – Is ECXX Scam or Legit?

ECXX Exchange Rating
Read our ECXX review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this ECXX review before you sign up with the exchange.
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ECXX Review

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A crypto guide should include assessments of all of the available exchanges so that you can choose the best one for you. The following sections make up this ECXX review: basic information, fees, deposit methods, and security. ECXX is a digital asset exchange platform that caters to both professional and amateur traders. Users may purchase, trade, and store digital assets on the site. ECXX can operate a flawless ecosystem with great liquidity by using its unique technology. The company aspires to be the world’s leading digital asset exchange by providing safe and reliable digital asset trading services. With a world-class multi-layer security system, assures client assets are kept private.”

ECXX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, like many others, based in Singapore, which is quickly becoming a center for cryptocurrency exchanges throughout Asia’s continents. With an all-time high of 458 million dollars, it has a very amazing trading volume. It is equipped with the Fort Knox security protocol and a quick and strong trading engine. ECXX Crypto promises to have a 100% reserve, implying that your digital assets will never be exchanged elsewhere.

It is offered as a mobile app for Android users, with a flat price of 0.10 percent of order value, comparable to the worldwide industry average, and a withdrawal charge that is 50% less than the industry average. ECXX is useless until it resolves its sign-up troubles, despite all of the perks above. I attempted to join up a few minutes ago to test whether what it promises is genuine, but I couldn’t get beyond the verification stage.

Exchange platformECXX
Variety Currency  40
Account RequiredYes
levels of verification2
Payment MethodBank account, Credit card, Debit card, Crypto Conversion
Customer SupportEmail, Twitter, Phone

ECXX: What does it mean?

ECXX is a Singapore-based exchange that debuted in 2018. There are other additional Singapore-based exchanges. Singapore has firmly established itself as one of Asia’s most important cryptocurrency centers. This platform’s trading volume is rather amazing. The day this article was written (16 October 2019), the 24-hour trading volume was barely USD 1.9 million. However, the 24-hour trading volume was USD 458 million on the day this evaluation was last updated (16 March 2020, right in the thick of the COVID-19 issue). What a significant improvement! It put ECXX at number 38 on Coinmarketcap’s ranking of the world’s exchanges with the biggest 24-hour trading volumes.

ECXX website

With its trading platform, ECXX offers a few major advantages. They emphasize their security, which they call “Fort-Knox Security,” as well as the fact that they have a quick and robust trading engine. Those two factors are, without a doubt, critical. The exchange also highlights the speed with which deposits and withdrawals may be made. Finally, they claim to have “100% reserves,” which means that the funds you retain on the exchange will never be spent elsewhere. All of these factors are significant to us.

Professional crypto trading solutions are in high demand. ECXX, a Singapore-based exchange, aspires to be the world’s largest digital asset exchange. Despite being a relative newbie to the digital asset field, ECXX has established connections that might catapult it to the forefront of the global crypto market. ECXX has tackled custody, which is one of the most crucial concerns confronting digital assets and delivering superior crypto trading across a variety of coins.


The majority of individuals trade cryptocurrency on their computers. However, other individuals prefer to do it on their mobile phones. If you’re one of them, you’ll be pleased to learn that ECXX is also accessible as a smartphone app. If you have an Android phone, that is. We don’t know whether the platform for iPhones is being developed or not, so we’ll have to wait and see.

US Investors

Investors from the United States are not permitted to trade here today. As a result, if you’re a US investor who wants to invest in ECXX, you’ll have to wait. Meanwhile, utilize our Exchange Finder to see which exchanges now accept US investors.

ECXX Trading View

Different exchanges have different perspectives on trade. It would help if you decided for yourself which trading perspective is ideal for you. The order book, or at least a portion of the order book, a price chart of the selected coin, and order history are all common views. They usually have bought and sell boxes as well. Try to look at the trading perspective before deciding on an exchange to ensure that it seems correct to you. ECXX’s trading perspective is as follows:

Trading Fees

Trading commissions are very essential. There typically is a fee that applies once you order. It is typically a part of the order’s value. They don’t distinguish between takers and manufacturers in this transaction. In this case, each participant to the transaction pays equal fees. The latest worldwide industry averages show that 0.10 percent is a good fit. The industry norm has been 0.25% for a long time, although there is now a trend toward reduced rates. Many exchanges, including ECXX, now charge 0.10% or 0.15%.


After withdrawing BTC from ECXX, you will be taxed a withdrawal fee of 0.0004 BTC. It is much less than the industry average charge of 0.000812 BTC. As a result, ECXX’s fees are around half of what the industry average is. Overall, ECXX’s trading and withdrawal costs are lower than the industry norms, which is fantastic.

Methods of Deposit

Because ECXX only accepts cryptos as an option, new investors will not be able to trade on the exchange. If you are a beginner and want to commence trading on the platform, you need to buy cryptos on another platform and deposit on this platform. Use our Exchange Finder to locate an exchange where you may deposit fiat cash, and we’ll walk you through the process.


On its website, the exchange prominently touts its security measures. Things like an X509 SSL HTTPS certificate, two-factor authentication, IP-binding capabilities, a multi-sig system, and a large proportion of assets in cold storage are enabled to help platform users sleep easier at night.

Pros and Cons

  • ECXX has a large volume of trade.
  • For Android, it is possible to utilize a mobile app.
  • Fees are low.
  • ECXX Exchange is not accessible to users in the United States, Canada, North Korea, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.
  • Support is currently unavailable. I double-checked a few minutes ago.
  • It’s impossible to sign up.


Institutional investors should be worried about the storage of assets on an exchange. However, individual crypto investors should not worry. As the first virtual exchange to partner with Ledger, which is considered a top company in the world for securely storing assets digitally, ECXX is making waves. Later this year, ECXX intends to launch an IEO as part of its asset development in the digital age. The firm has practically attracted backers. It will almost certainly carve itself a market niche. A very vital concern for many institutional users is custody. It makes no difference how well-built the exchange might be if the security of an investor’s assets is not guaranteed. ECXX saw the immense need for a very high level of crypto-asset security and chose to develop a good storage solution with Ledger Vault. This is a significant step forward in exchange security because it removes risk of other parties from the two-way relationship.

Huge asset funds need complex storage solutions, while institutions want secure, detailed, and combined storage. The integration can provide investors full control over their assets and the comfort that they will be secure, making them more convenient. The idea of a centralized exchange for cryptocurrency is a novel one. Unlike a conventional financial exchange, a centralized crypto exchange acts both as a trading system and a counterparty for investors. Because most bitcoin exchanges lack detailed financial records, verifying their legitimacy is a risk. Because they lack the knowledge to assess risk for other parties, many institutional traders cannot participate in any initiatives.

Investors who use Ledger will not be considered counterparties to ECXX anymore. This may seem to be a small difference from another centralized market, but it has major implications in terms of ownership. Rather than committing their money to ECXX, investors may store their assets in the Ledger Vault to avoid the danger of a counterparty. Although a comprehensive review of Ledger Vault’s capabilities will not be discussed in this post as it is not part of the scope, it is one of the best options for business-level cryptocurrency investors and traders.

Available Currencies

ECXX has created a user-friendly exchange channel that supports the world’s most utilized tokens. ECXX has begun adding TOC together with JSE to the roster and BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP. To give the best pricing, the Exchange employs a very high velocity matching machine. The matching engine was created with the platform in mind and is continually tested to guarantee optimal efficiency. As the company grows, ECXX intends to extend the variety of tokens it supports. The majority of the common tokens are bought and sold based on comparison with USDT, with few ETH and BTC crosses thrown in for good measure.

Before launching in March, ECXX raised USD 44 million from Ariki, CapitalX, Investment, and  Epsilon. The trading market is on the rise, and everyone at ECXX is optimistic about the industry’s future. It’s simple to see why numerous retail together with institutional contributors think digital assets are a good investment. In the past two decades, monetary policy has shifted dramatically, with several young individuals no longer trust fiat money.

The world banking mechanism is likewise inefficient, and it has monopolized consumer banking system, and international fund transfers. Digital assets provide significant cost reductions, but these assets hold the access to a the fresh horizon in the world of microfinance as well. We are currently in the commencement of the monetary revolution, with ECXX positioning itself to participate in a very exciting and persuasive industry availalble on the planet. Singapore is the epicenter of the cryptocurrency industry. The cryptocurrency growth and progress boom has started with ECXX. Singapore has established itself to be the leading center for cryptocurrency growth and progress. ECXX is dedicated to operating within Singapore’s digital asset legislation and regulatory framework.

The vision of the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche will be driven by regulation and government licensing. As a result, they plan to work hand in hand with authorities to ensure that has the necessary licenses to become a prominent digital value exchange and the dominating participant in the world cryptocurrency industry. ECXX is maybe the finest channel for cryptocurrency progress in the future. While several more sophisticated countries have chosen to take the hard line against cryptocurrency, Singapore is seeking to incorporate it into its cutting-edge economy.

ECXX plans to integrate using Wirecard to enable Singapore citizens may easily access the cryptocurrency market. KYC checks would be straightforward thanks to the Wirecard interface, and fiat cryptocurrency interactions should be handled similarly to many other transactions. In any other country, this degree of cooperation would be difficult to fathom. Given Singapore’s riches, it is understandable to believe that the ECXX exchange platform may become the major trading platform for a fresh generation of crypto investors.

The crypto markets have been volatile over the past few years. Consequent upon a record-breaking period that witnessed BTC values soar over 20 times in one year, the whole crypto ecosystem plummeted. It seems that the crypto industry continues to attract a lot of attention. Both crypto technology investments and big crypto values are steady and growing. Cryptocurrency channels that solve institutional problems like management are positioning their brands in the stronger position, making ECXX a notable newcomer to a crowded market.

Companies that get an early edge in the market will most probably be better positioned as the business develops. It is advisable to keenly observe ECXX’s impending IEO as well as the company’s future initiatives. ECXX has shown that it values innovation, and it could most possibly achieve its objective of being the world’s premier digital value exchange channel.

Features of ECXX is a Singapore-based Digital Asset Exchange with a worldwide reach. Users may purchase, sell, and store digital assets on Whether you are a professional or a retail trader, our platform is devoted to providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience. As part of our ongoing commitment to data privacy and protection, is the first Exchange in Asia to deploy the Ledger Vault Solution and the only authorized Exchange to incorporate the Singapore National Digital Identity into our KYC process.”

  • Anywhere you want to trade.
  • Get the most up-to-date information about the cryptocurrency market.
  • Integrated K line chart in the trading panel.
  • Select between a simpler and an advanced panel.
  • Indicators and trade signals created just for you. is Asia’s most comprehensive platform for digital asset trading with diverse asset support and market data.

Onboarding, training, and supporting institutional customers based on an established industry network and banking connection.

In collaboration with the Singapore Fintech Association, conventional merchants will get education and training.

Benefits of Security Tokens:

  • Markets are open everytime
  • Ownership is divided into fractions.
  • Smart contract flexibility and increased liquidity and market depth
  • Automated compliance
  • Direct cost reductions
  • Interoperability of assets

Mobile Apps

Consumers in Asia, beginning with Singapore, may access cryptocurrency using the mobile app. Consumers may quickly establish accounts, verify their identities, buy and sell with seamless KYC and onboarding, and use cryptocurrency for trade and payments.

  • Access to a digital asset exchange and the ability to purchase and sell crypto using fiat currency.
  • With rigorous KYC compliance, global, quick, and safe digital onboarding is possible.
  • For maximum trading chances, a low trading fee is required.
  • Support response time is 1 hour.
  • Data Analytics on Revenue Streams
  • For on-chain transactions and the generation of token indexes, real-time bespoke analytics are available.

Trading Costs The bulk of income comes from exchange trading fees, including commissions, securities lending costs (for short-selling tokens), and margin trading fees.


Several strategic and media partners have joined the exchange. It’s a marketing and business strategy to create a presence in Asia and build a brand. It’s a new mindset to consider having some intriguing characteristics. The exchange’s thorough verification process gives it further credibility, making it a rather safe exchange to use. ECXX seems to offer a decent level of service in general. Their services seem to be trustworthy, and the platform’s security appears to be sufficient. The exchange is especially well suited to Asian traders since it supports Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Another benefit of the exchange is that the transaction fee is lower than the industry average, at 0.1 percent. However, since the exchange is still in its early stages, it is too soon to tell if it is reliable.

ECXX Exchange Rating
Read our ECXX review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this ECXX review before you sign up with the exchange.
Account Types
Trading Speed
Customer Service

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