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Edward Snowden Urges Researchers to Improve Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Benefit Humanity 

According to the former NSA whistleblower, AI’s intelligence might surpass human beings and benefit humanity. This is despite fears concerning the cooptation of the technology by unfavorable actors.

Snowden Calls for Improved AI to Benefit Human Beings

Edward Snowden, President of the Press Foundation, stated that very soon, claimed that AI may exceed human beings’ capabilities. However, this can only happen if they are allowed to be better than humans. For this to happen, it is critical to stop teaching them to think like humans. 

Through a virtual conference attendance from Russia, Edward Snowden highlighted his optimistic perspectives concerning AI’s future. This technology came into the mainstream following the rollout of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last fall. Occasionally, he echoed some professionals’ warnings concerning AI technologies empowering bad actors. However, he still considered how emerging technology could be beneficial.


Transform Invasive Intelligence into Surveillance Use

The President claimed that instead of driving invasive intelligence programs, the AI models could hinder government surveillance. For instance, he stated that they could perhaps cease spying on the public and begin spying for the public, which would be good.

Nevertheless, he also claimed that ChatGPT and other sophisticated AI introductions could result in major tech and government initiatives infringing on people’s privacy. 

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Averting the coopting of AI technologies by bad actors should involve advocating for AI models to stay open. Snowden stated that people should raise their voices concerning ‘software communism,’ a platform that advocates for the need for open models.

His criticism was directed at upcoming AI models that seem less open. Specifically, he called out OpenAI, which failed to offer public access to their models and trading information. Additionally, he highlighted issues such as the reward of leaders in the space for antisocial behavior. 

Exclusion of Illicit AI Training Necessary

He claims that the use of the technology amounts to researchers’ training in AI engines. In this case, most AI training concerns feeling the AI’s significant online content, including comments on social media. 

Snowden believes that such a move is inappropriate. He claimed that the researchers are using Reddit threats to train AI models, similar to YouTube comments. However, this is not ideal since the goal is to develop something creative, decent, and useful.

Snowden also noted that present training strategies focus on teaching AI models to think like human beings, which can restrict their potential to improve humanity. He emphasizes the need to have machines that think better than people. In a situation where they fail to be better, the job is terrible. 

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