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Environmental Concerns Lead Wiki Contributors To Drop Cryptocurrency Donations

It was in 2019 when Wikimedia Foundation initiated to accept donations in crypto via Bitpay, however, after three years, the nonprofit institution at the back of Wikipedia is experiencing a push from the contributors thereof to quit the option of crypto donations because of some environmental concerns.

Molly White submitted a proposal that suggests that the foundation should not accept crypto anymore. As per White, there is no alignment between the crypto and the commitments of Wikimedia for making dynamic efforts for the improvement of environmental sustainability. White is of the view that accepting crypto signals approval for the space of cryptocurrency on the behalf of Wikimedia and the members thereof whereas mentioning that several hazards are posed this way to the reputation of the organization if it carries on accepting crypto.

The respective discussions were instantly responded to. Gamaliel (a Wiki user) replied in the favor of the proposal stating that there was a requirement for such a proposal since late. The user added that the crypto acceptance of WMF mocks the commitments thereof regarding environmental sustainability. On the contrary, ATDT (another Wiki consumer) states that continuously accepting crypto donations during 2022 provides a significant gesture.

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The user moved on to note that at the present accepting the United States dollar endorses the labor exploitation systems and natural environment’s despoliation pointing towards global capitalism. Even though several people do not favor stopping crypto donations, they are not in majority at the present. Nonetheless, it is noted by the page that a conclusive choice will not be made per the majority’s intention. Rather, a contract will be formed according to the presented arguments’ worth. The decision of Mozilla to halt crypto donations was additionally referred to during the respective discussion.

In the recent week, Jamie Zawinski (the co-founder of Mozilla Foundation) openly went against the consistent approval of crypto donations on the behalf of the organization for the support of the browser thereof. Zawinski shared a post on the official account thereof on Twitter and reminded the consumers about the uninterrupted crypto acceptance by the platform. The co-founder recommended that the company should put a stop over the association thereof with the crypto space.  The crypto space and its participants were entitled by the co-founder as the Ponzi grifters that are incinerating the whole planet.

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Mubashar Nawaz (United Arab Emirates)

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