EPC Club Review (defunct cryptocurrency affiliate network)

Important update! The EPC Club Network seems to be down, this may be a rug pull or exit scam, we hope you have been able to get your money before they disappeared! If you have any info for us regarding the now defunct EPC Club crypto affiliate network please leave a comment or contact us.

EPC (Earn Per Click) Club


Affiliate marketing, in simple terms, involves making money by selling the products, and sometimes services, of other brands. This form of marketing is one of the many ways to make money without having an actual product. It involves merely telling others about a particular product and reaching an agreement with the company responsible for making the products to cut out a part of the profit to the affiliate marketer.

In this age, where social media connects the globe, there are many affiliate marketers, and a lot of people have made quite a lot of fortune doing affiliate marketing.


The affiliate marketing sphere is especially unique because it does not limit the affiliate marketer to any particular product or brand, it is the choice of the marketer to decide which products or brands he/she wants to get affiliated with. This model of marketing is quite beneficial to many product brands because the affiliate marketer is paid based on sales generated from his/her performance, as opposed to employing a marketer who will receive monthly stipends regardless of sales.

In this form of marketing, the methods used by the affiliate marketer to generate sales leads are not the concern of the merchant company, all they care about is that the affiliate marketer generates sales leads, and is paid a part or percentage of the profit for the products which he/she has made sales. This unique feature makes the affiliate marketing world a very free form of marketing, as the affiliate marketer works based on his or her terms.

Challenges of Affiliate Marketing

However, as juicy as the affiliate marketing circle sounds, there are lots of challenges that surround affiliate marketing. Challenges such as:

Sales Hitch

Sometimes people do not buy from affiliate marketers because they feel it is better to go straight to the company and not go through people to the company. This challenge explained simply is the problem of trust. People may trust the brands and or the products, but they may have issues trusting the affiliate marketer at first.

Price Control Policies

Some companies in the bid to maximize profit maintain the same price for their products in the retail market as the same for affiliate market leads.

This challenge pushes many just to ignore the stress of having to go through someone only to have to buy at the same rate as others in the retail market, and most would just go for the product in the retail market.

Consistency of Sales after the First Sale

Eventually, when an affiliate marketer produces sales leads, the customers become the company’s customers. Unfortunately, the affiliate marketer may not be compensated for the sales lead generated.

Why was EPC Earn Per Click Club Established?

EPC Earn Per Click Club Cryptocurrency and FX Affiliate Network was established to change the face of the affiliate marketing world, because as juicy as the affiliate marketing opportunity sounds, the challenges that surround it are enormous and can get wearying.

If the affiliate marketing offer sounds attractive to you, and you are wondering if you could start with the EPC club platform, here is a review of the innovative affiliate marketing platform.


AgencyEPC Club
OpportunitiesAffiliate marketing, Publishing, Advertisement, Creative blocks
Parent companyEPC Club Ltd
Customer Support24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) email, and  a contact form
CommissionsVery attractive


Vary from product to product

High payouts and payouts, high converting rates for publishers


High quality leads and increased traffic revenue for advertisers


Strong promotion, land page conversion, banners plus emails, offline print advertisements for the creatives

Transactions platformDynamic, but majorly online
Deposit methodsNo deposits required
Withdrawal MethodsWire Transfer / Bitcoin
Services deliveredPublishers and affiliates, advertisers, creative writers, and designers

EPC Earn Per Click club was established by a group of global online marketing professionals who combined a wealth of experience that has lasted over twenty years to create a new way of affiliate marketing. EPC Earn Per Click club offers an online platform for generating affiliate marketing leads and has a whole lot of prospects when it comes to the affiliate marketing world.

Their services span a range of products and services that use the affiliate marketing world as a tool for generating revenue.

This affiliate marketing firm provides unique services to publishers and affiliates. This is done by providing them with a high-converting registration form, and automatic broker optimization. This is done to increase traffic with fresh, targeted, and high quality leads that bring you more value. As a result, the company offers high and fast payout, as well as a high conversion rate.

In terms of its services to advertisers, this company offers fast integration service. This is done to increase the sales of the advertising client, with high-quality leads by promoting the customer, as well as its services. Invariably, this will increase the revenue traffic of the client.

Furthermore, EPC Club works with some of the best, innovative, and creative minds in the copywriting and graphic designing marketing industry. With this, the company encourages those who think outside of the box to proffer solutions to people’s problems across the globe. In line with this, this firm provides a platform to create a substantial promotion, convert landing pages, banners, and offline print advertisements.

Moreover, the sign-up process with this company is fast and easy. The hassle-free sign-up process implies that you can register, start promoting and earning affiliate commissions immediately. You also get paid on time and every time.

In addition, clients of the company enjoy the responsive nature of this company. The customer support is ready to serve and answer your questions 24 hours a day, throughout the seven days in a week (24/7). You can reach the support team through the contact form on the website to submit your requests and get a favorable response from the group of professionals. Also, clients can equally make use of the email to get across to the support team of the company.

In terms of the protection and safety of information of clients on its network, the EPC Earn Per Click Club has subscribed to the policy of the Data Protection Laws. With this, the company and the client, both take responsibility to ensure the safety of the information of users of the platform.


Professionally Experienced Team Members

The EPC platform was established by a group of professionals who combined over twenty (20) years of marketing experience to set up a platform with which to improve upon the affiliate marketing model and strategy. This platform is the EPC club Cryptocurrency and FX Affiliate Network.

The fact that the platform was set in order by people who have had versatile experience in the field of marketing suggests that the inventors of the platform most probably understand the challenges of the affiliate marketing system, which suggests that this could be a pragmatic platform which offers a solution to the challenges of the affiliate marketing business.

The fact that over twenty years of experience was embedded in creating this platform also attests to this claim.

The EPC club link takes the user to the homepage of the affiliate marketing platform.

High Payout and Converting Rates

This is especially highlighted as part of the pros of this platform under the publishers/affiliates segment.

One of the challenges affiliate marketers have, especially only is the conversion rate; that is the rate at which people successfully click their product advert link and purchase the product. This platform is promising a very prospective conversion rate, and the use of targeted, high-quality leads ensures this, that is, the products are shown to people who most likely want them and not just everyone.

Fast Payout

The EPC platform also promises a fast payout as part of the pros of the marketing platform, as opposed to delayed payments often experienced by affiliate marketers. This affiliate marketing company is a customer-friendly and customer-centered platform, hence the reason why it is always ahead of time to make sure that its clients, customers, and users are always satisfied.

High Quality Advertising Leads

One of the most frustrating things in the business world is pitching a product to a person who is not interested in it or what it means; this can wear marketers out. The same goes for the affiliate marketing world advertising a product to someone who’s not interested will most likely not convert into an actual sale, and when this goes on for a long time, an affiliate marketer can get frustrated.

The EPC Cryptocurrency and FX Affiliate Network platform promises high quality leads as parts of the pros of the website. This means the people who will likely see the adverts are those who have probably inquired about them or similar products before. When this happens, it automatically increases the chances of conversion by a very notable percentage. The implication of this as well is that it will lead to a happy affiliate marketer.

Revenue Traffic Increase

As an affiliate marketer, one of the other ways to generate income even when people do not actually purchase the affiliate products is through the amount of traffic generated on their unique advert links.

This means the number of people who click on the link, whether they buy stuff or not, will generate a small amount of money for the affiliate marketer, when there is a lot of traffic on the link of the affiliate marketer, the small bits and chunks of money add up to become a sizeable amount of revenue.

This is also promised on the EPC website under the advertiser’s segment.

Strong Promotion Creation

The EPC Earn Per Click cryptocurrency affiliate marketing website also states under the creative segment of the services heading that there will be strong promotions created while working with some of the best copywriters and graphic designers in the marketing industry, the website states that the creative marketing team will be a very effective one because they will be subjected to thinking outside the box.

Offline Print Advertisement

The internet exists in a virtual world, and this virtual world connects the whole world in a cycle that the history of humanity will not forget anytime soon. But as powerful as the virtual world is, not everyone exists in the virtual world. And so in the bid to advertise effectively, the EPC website states that the offline prints will be made to promote to those who may not have access to the internet.

At the very top of the EPC platform on a white background is the EPC logo to the left and three short lines, signifying a dropdown menu to the left.

The contents of the dropdown menu are listed as follows:

  • HOME
  • T&C (Terms and Conditions)

All the items of this dropdown menu are represented on the homepage of the EPC website, except the Partners and the Terms and Conditions buttons, and so clicking on any of those buttons takes the user to the segment of the homepage where the information they need is represented.

Clicking on the Partners button on this dropdown menu has no effect at all, just as at the time of writing this review.

Clicking on the T&C button takes the user to the terms and conditions page for the use of the EPC platform. This is one of the three items on the website that is not represented on the homepage (with the exemption of the Partners link, which has no representation anywhere on the website).

The terms and conditions of use of the EPC platform are these headlines:

  • Definitions and Interpretations, which has sixteen (16) subheads,
  • Publisher Application and Registration, which has five (5) subheads,
  • Setting Up Offers, which has six (6) subheads,
  • End-User Actions, which has four (4) subheads,
  • Commission, which has twelve (12) subheads,
  • Intellectual Property, which has four (4) subheads,
  • Obligations Regarding Your Publisher Websites and Marketing Materials, which has eight (8) subheads
  • The term, which has six (6) subheads,
  • Modification, which has two (2) subheads,
  • Limitation of Liability, which has three (3) subheads,
  • Relationship of Parties,
  • Disclaimers,
  • Representations and Warranties, which has one (1) subhead,
  • Confidentiality, which has three (3) subheads,
  • Indemnification, which has two (2) subheads
  • Entire Agreement, which has two (2) subheads,
  • Independent Investigation,
  • Miscellaneous, which has seven (7) subheads,
  • Annex A Data Processing Terms, which has six (6) subheads.

The login button takes the user to the sign-in page of the website for users who have previously registered. Contained on this page are the following:

  • Email address tab,
  • Password tab,
  • Remember Me box,
  • Sign in link in a green box.

The sign-up button takes one to the affiliate registration page of the website.

Contained on this page are the following:

  • First Name tab,
  • Last Name tab,
  • Email Address tab,
  • Company tab,
  • Country tab,
  • Phone tab (with a small tab for country code),
  • Password tab,
  • Skype tab,
  • Telegram tab.
  • REGISTER NOW, which completes the affiliate registration on the EPC platform.

The consistent use of the colours: white, blue, and black on the homepage of the EPC website is a very powerful message as to the colours of the brand, and what their platform stands for.

Final Thought

In all, the EPC CLUB website is a simple and user-friendly website. The website of the company is a simple user-friendly, interactive, and easy to use platform. With this company, the affiliate marketing business has become accessible from any location that you might be.

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