ETH Core Developers Agreed on Six Codebase Modifications for Istanbul Hard Fork

Core developers of Ethereum (ETH) who represents dApps (a platform for developing decentralized applications) have announced that they will make six different codebase changes which will be activated in the next hard fork that is Istanbul.

They agreed on making modifications in Istanbul hard fork in their previous meeting. In those meetings, they decided to execute Istanbul in two phases for these codebase modifications.


Two phases of Istanbul Hard Fork

The first phase of Istanbul hard fork consists of the incorporation of these six codebase changes that are known as Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIPs). In the next phase, these EIPs will be further tested and certain considerations on these EIPs will be done in this phase.

During Thursday’s meeting, while discussing the execution of Istanbul into two parts, the Ethereum core developer, Peter Szilagyi said:

We split Istanbul into two. One of them we can actually ship within weeks. [The other upgrades consist of] two really big EIPs that would be nice to have but require some stuff that cannot be done within the two- or three-week timespan.

The first part of the upgrades of Istanbul will be the eighth part of the Ethereum hard fork that will be activated on a $22 billion blockchain network.

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The second phase is scheduled for mainnet session that would be held at the beginning of 2020. During this phase, the core developers of Ethereum will carefully examine the EIPs. Possible addition of Programmatic proof of work (ProgPow) that is a new kind of mining algorithm is being considered as a key change that can be made during this session.

The chain interoperability can be boosted with privacy-focused crypto Zcash during these modifications.

Along with increasing the efficiency of Ethereum blockchain, these changes will also be helpful in protection against the network of replay attacks.

The developers, Geth and Parity, who are working on the Ethereum project, now have only one week to incorporate these six EIPs into the software and to implement this full code on the Ethereum network.

The testnet Istanbul was scheduled on the activation on Ethereum testnet Ropsten that was going to happen on 14 August but now hard fork activation of testnet Ropsten is delayed and is scheduled on September, 4 because developers need more time to finalize the set of EIPs.

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As Szilagyi said during the meeting:

With previous hard forks, after everybody implemented [to their clients], we had literally months of testing before rolling out to the testnet. Now, we just came up with a final list of EIPs and we want to fork in two weeks? That’s a bit brave.



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