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How to Buy Zcash (ZEC): The Best Crypto Exchanges to Use

Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency belonging to the group known as privacy coins. These are cryptocurrencies that facilitate private transactions that are more difficult to trace than conventional cryptocurrencies.

The project adds a layer of privacy by encryption to the network, so that the transaction cannot be easily traced to the recipient. You can use this network for transactions if your goal is to conceal the identity of those involved.

Because of the need for privacy, a lot of people are increasingly using ZEC for transactions as the issue of surveillance continues to plague the financial system. If you’re looking for a privacy coin, Zcash is one, and here are the best platforms to use for buying some.


Whatever you want to do, Binance is a reliable platform for doing it, including buying ZEC tokens. You can use different methods such as direct bank transfer, or use your debit and credit cards to buy ZEC on the exchange.


The platform also has low transaction fees compared to other platforms, which makes it a good place for investors on a budget. Binance is known for high security and protection of investors’ funds, including insurance. 

There are over 350 other crypto assets listed on the platform as well, making it a great place to buy and swap assets.


Coinbase is the biggest crypto exchange in the U.S, and remains a popular choice for buying and trading crypto assets. The platform is also highly secure, and is regulated both within and outside the U.S, making it a reliable one.

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The platform was designed with beginners in mind, making it very simple and user-friendly. You can seamlessly buy your ZEC and hundreds of other crypto assets on this platform even if you’re an absolute beginner in crypto.

The fees on Coinbase are however higher than most crypto exchanges, which is a downside that some may find impossible to ignore.


Kraken is known for its high security , being one of the oldest crypto exchanges with no history of a hack or any other security breach. Therefore if you’re looking for a highly secure crypto exchange, Kraken is a great choice.

Like Binance, its fees are quite modest, which makes it a great platform also for buying and trading crypto assets as fees will not weigh you down. Also, the platform provides advanced features for pro traders, but it is also easily usable by beginners.

With over 350 cryptocurrencies listed, you can buy and swap ZEC on Kraken as you wish, as well as buy other assets.


Binance has a lot of amazing features to offer. However, these features aren’t available to U.S residents from the global Binance platform. Binance.US is therefore the platform where you can access all the amazing features with a little bit of modification to comply with local regulations.

ZEC is one of the cryptocurrencies you can buy on this platform, and it is just as reliable a platform as the main Binance website. You can also use the many payment options available to buy the asset easily.

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The fees are also structured after the main Binance website, so you get to enjoy the same low cost of transaction as everyone else in any other country.


KuCoin serves the global population of crypto investors, having a user base of over 30 million users. It is one of the trusted platforms to use for buying ZEC wherever you are. There are over 700 other crypto assets listed on this exchange so if you’re into altcoins, this is for you.

The platform also has low trading fees, including fees for buying ZEC. You can therefore use it to trade as well, since the fees are not likely to overwhelm you. You can also simply use your USDT balance to swap for ZEC if you already have an account. 

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