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Eth marked the 9-weeks high Value: Giant Global Energy firm joins the Ethereum Event

Ethereum will host a three days event, next month, where the CEOs of recognized blockchain and crypto companies will be the speakers. The event is sponsor funded and is backed by the big-level sponsor companies. For example, a top energy platform BP, recently, become a partner of Ethereum’s upcoming event.

ETHDenver- BUIDLathon

The event known as ETHDenver is planned to happen from Feb.14 to Feb.16-comprising of three days and will be going 24 hours. In the past, ETHDenver was, normally, called ‘hackathon’ but this year, they changed it into ‘BUIDLathon’-one of the biggest events of the year.

The CEOs and the famous developers in the field will be the guests or the speakers. The 3-days BUIDLathon will host the various activities related to blockchain awareness and expected that it will be a great tech gathering for Ethereum’s future development.

The speakers include Joseph Lubin (founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum), Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum), Jared Polis (Governor of Colorado), Erik Voorhees (founder of Shapeshift), Sean Li (founder of Fortmatic), and many others.

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Big Tech Giants as Sponsors

The event will be fully organized and funded by a long list of sponsors: the blockchain and crypto based-firms as well as companies. Big Fintech giants are also joining such as BP, the giant global energy network, which is also included in the list and is warmly welcomed by ETHDenver.

Crypto community is praising the Ethereum gathering, open-heartedly, and passed on well wishes for the company. Udi Wertheimer, the bitcoin maximalist, shared his view in the words

I’ve never been to an @EthereumDenver event, but you seem to be able to attract diverse sponsors, most events would envy this impressive roster. More power to you, don’t mind the haters,

Eth Breaks the 9-weeks Record

Ethereum is up from some past days following the digital gold-bitcoin. According to the trading view’s data, the coin touched the highest mark of $186- a few hours before. Today move has broken the record of nine weeks and showed the highest value in that period.

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